Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Martial Arts

Dane attended the Impact Sports and Art camp a couple weeks ago which is a week long evening camp at Community of Faith, a church near us.  We had heard about it from a couple of his friends from school who attend that church, and encouraged us to sign Dane up.  They promised us that Dane would have an absolute blast.  That would be a total understatement.  Dane loved every minute of the camp, and is already asking to go back next year.   The kids are allowed to pick one sport/art that is offered and focus on that the entire week.  The sport sessions were sandwiched between fun pep rally type events that taught about Jesus in fun ways. There was tons of options to choose from including every sport you could think of to art, scrapbooking, photography, science, building robots, cheerleading etc etc.  Dane chose Martial Arts, and he couldn't have been more excited to learn real karate moves.  He loved it, and now is begging to continue with martial art lessons. The last night was family night, so we were able to attend and watch everything that they have learned.  Dane was so excited for us to be there, and I have to say I haven't ever seen him that focused and determined to get all the moves right.  He got awarded a white belt at the end of the performance, which he was over the moon about.  It was a great camp, and happy that we were told about it and we will for sure do it again next summer! 

The first 3 pictures are taken by Community of Faith that was put on their facebook page throughout the week.  The rest are from family night when we were able to attend.  

At the opening rally on family night parents and their kids were randomly picked for a donut eating contest.  Kevin and Dane got picked, and I can not even put into words how hilarious it was watching them.  Hi-lar-ious!!!! Dane had that stick moving back and forth and Kevin was trying so hard to win because he is very competitive.  Dane even had help from a youth worker because he was laughing so hard that he couldn't keep the fishing pole still.  I was crying I was laughing so hard.  And I'm beating myself up for not videoing it.  I'm such a picture person that I forget to video a lot of times, Kevin is opposite.  He has way more videos in his phone that he has taken, and usually only a handful of pictures. Kevin finished the donut I'm talking a nanosecond after the parent who won did.  It was so close, and Kevin tore that donut up.  There were probably 10 or more teams. All the kids "won" a donut afterwards.  

A couple pics from when I would drop or pick him up.    

 With every movement they had to yell HIII! 

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Matthew Lawrence said...

Putting my son in martial arts camp was the best decision I ever made. When he had to deal with bully's in grammar school, he didn't draw upon the fighting skills that he learned to protect himself, instead, he used powerful and confident words to show the bully he was not afraid. The bully went elsewhere and I could not have been prouder.

Matthew Lawrence @ Kung Fu Philly