Sunday, July 26, 2015

Skeeter's game

It had been 3 maybe 4 years since the last time we went to a Skeeter's baseball game in Sugarland.  So, a week or so ago we packed up the crew and headed out for some baseball summer fun.  Kids get in free if they are wearing a baseball jersey.  Last time we went we got seats in the stands, but since we knew the baby would want to walk around we got lawn seats this time.  The lawn seats were actually perfectly located, really close to the splash pad and playground.  Dane was able to run back and forth from watching the game to playing.  He brought his glove with hopes to catch a foul ball and he told me that if one comes our way that I was not allowed to cover him like I did at the Aggie game.  Remember that one time I thought I was saving our lives jumped on top of Dane's head and the guy next to us got the ball that should have been ours.  Well, obviously Dane is still a little bitter about that.  HAHA!!
Once Jace got a little restless on the lawn I took him over to the splash pad to cool off for a while and let Kevin watch the game in piece.  He loved it, and had the best time.  The splash pad and playground are behind the outfield enclosed where the kids are safe, but parents are still able to watch the game while they watch their kids playing.  Pure genius if you ask me... it's so hot outside during the summer which is when the Skeeters play most of their games so having a splash pad is a great selling point!!

We went off and forgot Dane's bathing suit, but Dane didn't care.  And it was so hot that after he was out of the water for about 10 minutes he was completely dry again.  

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