Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Beginnings

Wow.  It's already July.
Summer break is unfortunately going by super fast and is in full force.  We have had a lot going on since school let out.   I have so much to catch up on.  It's been for the most part a stress free summer.  We are trying to soak up as much of the summer as we can.

Here's a look at the first couple weeks of summer. 

We celebrated National Donut Day the day after school ended.  As if I needed a reason to not have to make breakfast for my crew and eat donuts the first day of summer.  Jace was a fan of the donut holes!

We relaxed a little and tried to catch our breath from the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year. 

Later that afternoon we went over to a friend from Dane's school for an end of the school year summer bash.  

We celebrated Jace's 1st birthday

Dane FINALLY lost his other front tooth.  

After Jace's party Dane headed out with his Grandpa and Grandma for a RV trip to Lake Livingston for four days.  He came home with a huge walking stick that he found and is super proud of! 

Jace had his 1 year well check up.  I'll do a separate post about that so I can write down his growth stats.  It was a rough appointment, found out he had double ear infections and a possible pulled muscle in his leg and had to get 4 shots.  

Lots of pasta has been consumed because J man loves it!

Jace going to work in his muscle shirt with his briefcase, I mean little farm.  

Dane started his golf lessons again.

More pasta because how cute is he?

We have spent some time at the pool.  During the adult swim and safety breaks we head over to the splash pad to waste time.  Keeping Jace out of the pool during the no kid times is super hard.  He is loving the water and does not love being contained.  

I met Tabitha in Austin to hang out for a day and a night.

I took the boys to the Natural Science Museum in Sugarland.  I wouldn't say that this museum was my favorite, but Dane seemed to have fun.  Besides looking at the dinosaur bones it was a bit boring for me.  Jace did not want to be cooped up in his stroller which it made it a bit chaotic.  He was on the move the entire time running around and getting into everything he wasn't suppose to!

Game nights are popular during the summer.

I turned on Sesame Street for the first time for Jace and he actually sat there just like this for a good 5 solid minutes which is an eternity in Jaceland.

Kevin took Dane to see Jurassic World one morning.  Dane loved it, but said the parts where the dinosaurs eat the people was a little scary.  :)
And on a side note... Dane begged and begged for some muscle t-shirts.  He has never cared what he wears, this was his first real request.  He said that all the boys at his school wears them.  After several days of begging I broke down and bought him a couple from Target to wear this summer.  HA! So you will see them in a ton of pictures, because he begs to wear one everyday now.  

We have taken Dane to the library a few times to check out some books.  He is doing the summer reading program at our local library, so he checks out several at a time.  We make him read 30 mins to an hour everyday to keep up his reading level.
This was obviously pre-hair cut.  His hair was looking pretty shaggy! And his snaggle teeth keeps me laughing.

We put together Jace's new water table that he got for his birthday.  I'm not sure who has had more fun with it... Dane or Jace.  There has been multiple occasions that Dane will ask to go out and play with it.

We "celebrated" half price shake day at Sonic.

I have caused some major damage to my back.  I have 3 vertebrae that are all squished together causing a ton of pain.  I think my old job played a big part of it and having to pick up Jace over and over.  Anyway I have spent the summer going back and forth to the chiropractor getting work done to alleviate the pain.  This is me in their torture device.  HaHa  It's a traction machine that pulls my lower body away from my top part of my body.  It's extremely uncomfortable while during it, but I am seeing improvement with my pain.  This is a picture before.  The table starts off together and then when it's pulling me there is a huge gap in the table pieces.  It's crazy and I always have to talk myself out of panicking that the machine is not going to know when to stop stretching.
I have a panic button incase I can't tolerate it or if I freak out.  I'm left in the room by myself for about 30 minutes.  I've only had to push it once.  I try to relax and breath through it, but it's the longest 30 minutes and it usually feels like it's taking forever.

Dane and I had a super fun day at Pirate's Bay in Baytown with our friends Christy and Tabitha and their kids.  We left Jman at home with Kevin so it would be an easier and relaxing day.  The kids had a blast doing the water slides and swimming in the lazy river.  

I had to stop by HEB one evening to pick up a couple things.  Dane was with me and it was the first time he had been back to HEB since his field trip.  He told me EVERYTHING you need to know about that store.  I couldn't believe he remembered all these random facts that he had learned during the field trip.  I found out about the sounds that the freezer doors make if it is left opened, the drapes that are used to keep food cold if the power goes out, all about different types of cheeses and was even told that they weren't allowed to go down the wine and beer aisle because they are kids.  HAHA Hilarious. He talked about HEB facts the entire time we were in there, and couldn't wait to get to the counter and ask for HEB buddy bucks.

I was able to sneak up on this and snap a picture.  My heart nearly busted at the seams.  Jace sat like this listening to Dane for a looooong time.  He just adores Dane, and loves when he gives him attention.

And that pretty much sums up the first 2 weeks of summer.  This post is getting long, and I'm needing to tend to the little chunky monkey, so I'll pick back up soon.  Lots more summer fun ahead!

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