Friday, July 24, 2015

The beginning of July Part 1

Summer days are ticking away.  Can't believe we are already this far along in July.  I'm going to blink and it will be time for school to start back.  I need to start doing some school shopping for Dane, because he has outgrown pretty much everything he owns.  His tennis shoes are on the brink of completely falling apart, but I'm trying to squeeze a couple more weeks out of them so when I buy a new pair they will still look nice when school starts.  That boy is rough on shoes.  I've already got Dane's school supplies taken care which makes me feel like I'm ahead of the game.  His school offered a pre-packaged set online this year, so I went that route instead of hunting for everything myself.  

Summer break has been going well.  We have had our share of fun and lazy days.  It's been super hot the last few days, which makes it hard to do much outside unless there is water involved.  I got in my car yesterday and when I turned it on it said it was 112 degrees in my car.  Insane.  We have spent days at home, the pool, out and about etc etc.   I know our life is going get busy again real soon with school, work, homework, baseball, the holidays and the list goes on and on.  So,  I really am trying to soak up as much summer fun as I can, but also relishing in the slow pace laid back feeling that summer brings.  

The last couple weeks... I'll probably do it in several posts because it's a lot, and Jace's naps are only for so long.  

No idea where Dane gets this stuff from, but one day he asked if we could have a show where he and Kevin would be rock stars and put on a performance.  He wanted me to be the judge and decide who was dressed better, and who had a better "show".  Kevin agreed to play along, and I'm pretty sure that he enjoyed doing it just as much as Dane did.  HAHA!!! Dane did his own hair, and picked out what they would both wear.  I had these boas laying around from past trips to New Orleans... I knew there was a reason I never threw them out.  :)  It was a hard decision, but ultimately it came down to who wanted to win more.  Both performed and looked the part, but Dane was really wanting to take home the big win.  :)
I did happen to video these performances, so all I can say is that Kevin better stay on my good side or that baby is going all over social media.  :)

  We had one day where we didn't have any plans but just needed something to do and get out of the house.  We ended up at the Galleria and had lunch at Kona Grill and then let the boys play at the playground.  Jace was cracking us up because he would run around for a while, and then we would catch him resting with his head down.  But, he would pick it up pretty quick if he got to close to falling asleep.

I took the boys to Orange for a couple days.  We left Kevin home so he could get some work done that he was needing to do.  I'm sure he enjoyed having the quiet house to himself for a bit.  We hung out with my mom and David.  Didn't do anything special, just relaxed and swam.  We also went and hung out with my cousin and her kids at my aunt's house and let the kids get out some crazy energy in the pool.  I tried out the girl's puddle jumper on Jace to see if he was big enough yet for one.  He looked hilarious in the pink mermaid floaty.  He isn't strong enough to stay upright yet, the float would send him to his back so he still has a little more time before he can wear one.  

Jace slept in the same room I did, which makes it tough.  I would have to roll over on the far opposite side of the bed and keep my back to him so he would eventually lay down and go to sleep.  And then littler booger spotted me bright and early around 6 and then it was game over for me sleeping in.  

Dane and Sadie watching some cartoons

Dane and Hadley 

Miss Priss Baylor

JMan trying out the puddlejumper

More swim pictures.  Man alive it is so hot.  Geez.  Miserable for me.  So we make the best of it at the pool.  Jace loves the area at our pool that he can walk around and play in the water fountains that spray from the ground.  Dane is super hard to get pictures of at the pool these days. He always finds or makes a friend and tries hard to not be in the same area as us. Mr Independent. He spends about 95% of his time at the pool under the water diving for toys, or doing flips, or swimming to the bottom, or chasing his topedos under the water etc.  There is no relaxing for him at the pool.  He swims hard the entire time we are there, and always sad when it's time to go.  

One day we went to the Bellair Aquatic Center to swim.  We just wanted something different, a change of scenery and a place that Dane could jump off diving boards since our pool doesn't have any.  I found a coupon for one free admission, so it ended up being pretty cheap to get in.  It's a super cute little place, not very big but big enough for a few hours of fun.  There is a big play area for smaller kids, with baby slides and buckets of water being turned over and a bigger slide for Dane's age and 2 diving boards.  Dane's favorite part was the high dive.  He went off that thing a thousand times, never showing an ounce of fear. We packed lunches and spent the afternoon there.  

 I have a very vivid memory of my childhood when I was probably 8 or 9 years old one summer when I took swim lessons.  At the end of the lessons the teacher would let us jump off the diving boards.  I was talked into doing the high dive with the rest of my class, and I was terrified.  I ended up getting to the top and standing on the edge of the diving board for what seemed like an eternity. I remember my mom yelling and cheering from the sidelines telling me I could do it, and just jump.  All the kids were yelling for me to jump so they could have their turn. And the teacher was in the pool right under the diving board encouraging me to jump and that he would catch me.  I couldn't go down because there was a long line of kids waiting and the teacher said the only way down was to jump.  I had tears and so much time went by that the teacher ended up having to climb the stairs and hold me while we jumped together.  Isn't that crazy that I remember every detail about that.  It was very traumatic for me.  And here I have a 7 year old who didn't even question it.  Just walked up there and jumped like it was nothing.  He was about a half inch shorter than the required height needed to do the diving boards, so he had to show the life guards he could swim before doing it.  He had such a blast jumping over and over.  
Jace had fun in the super shallow part, I didn't get any pictures of that because it wasn't close to the table where we were keeping our stuff, and who wants to be out of the water taking pictures when it is 104 degrees out.  He got pretty tired and we were able to get him to sleep and he ended up sleeping in his stroller in the shade for about an hour which worked out great.  One of us would sit in the water next to him while the other was off watching Dane.  

One evening we picked up a $5 pizza from Little Ceasar's and had dinner at a little park down the street from us.  It was actually not terribly hot outside, and in the shade it didn't feel that bad.  Unfortunately, I think in the last 2 weeks it has gotten unbearably outside, so not sure if I will suggest another park day until it cools down a bit.  
Jace is becoming a toddler right before my eyes.  He wants to climb and run around constantly.  He loved walking up the slide over and over, with someone right there of course.  I went a little overboard with the picture taking at the park.  But, it is what it is.  

Jace is in a phase where he wants to hold something constantly, and it's usually pretty random with the things he chooses.  This day was a golf ball that he had found, and would not put down.  He would cry if you tried taking it from him.  So, it went to the park with us.  

His silly faces kill me.

This picture isn't really in focus, but he was so happy and I love his little hair in the back blowing in the breeze.  

 Kevin was pushing Dane on the swing while holding Jace and he just thought it was the funniest thing.

Summer calls for lots and lots of snow cones.  Bahama Bucks is the best snow cone stand that we have found that is near our house.  I'm still very partial to the stand in Orange.  It's family owned by the same owners from when I lived in Orange, and it's super yummy.  They have the best coconut flavored snow cone that I have ever had.  Kevin will agree.  He thinks their chocolate snow cones are also really tasty. Best snow cones ever! I wish that we could find a little stand around here with the same quality, but it just hasn't happened yet.  I would much rather support a family business than a big chain, but Bahama Bucks is the closest I can find to my favorite so that is where we always end up.  
 Bahama Bucks has this really good chocolate shake that we sometimes opt for.
 This guy doesn't care what flavor you order, he just wants his turn to have some.  Him reaching for it =  hilarious picture.

I started writing this post this morning when I put Jace down for a nap.  And it didn't last long, so tried again during his afternoon nap.  And here I am again trying a 3rd time to do it after he went down for the night, and struggling to stay awake myself.  Sigh.  So, I still have a lot to catch up on, but I'm tired and just want to call it a night.  Even though I'm not working or we don't have a ton going on around here it's just hard to find a minute to do anything for myself if Jace is awake.  It's just a season, and I'm loving this season but it's a lot of work.  He has to be watched 24/7 or he will get into something he shouldn't or doing something that could harm him.  This stage that we are in is an exhausting stage, and I give many pats on the back to those moms who have multiple little children at one time.  I do not know how you do it.  Seriously.  I feel like I am drowning most days, and I only have one Tazmania Devil.  HAHA
We are deep in the stage where if you have something that you don't want tore up then you better have it super high where the little baby hulk can't reach it.  Dane is finding out this the hard way.  He lost a special bookmark and several papers that were "important" to him by leaving it at a level that Jace could get to.  We have had lots of conversations recently about keeping things upstairs, and forgiving our baby brother when he gets his hands on something and tears it up to a million pieces.  It's a work in progress, and hard lessons to learn.
Anywho... more posts coming soon...  When I get a chance to sit down and write them and upload pictures I will do it!!  

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