Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The last little bit of June

I've had a hard time this summer being motivated to do anything productive.  And that goes for all areas of my life.  Blogging, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc etc.  It's summer and all of us are here, so I find myself just wanting to soak up the free time and have fun.  I was worried about Dane getting bored this summer, and signed him up for several things to keep him busy.  But, in all honesty it's been me that has made the dreaded I'm bored comment.  HAHA!! Next year I need to sign myself up for some mommy camps or something.  :)

Ok, let's get this going and wrap up the month of June. 

Just a cute pic of my little man.  One day he might like to wear hats, but right now is not it.  He rips it off the second you put one on him.  Which is a bummer when it's super sunny at the pool and you don't want him to get burned.  

We celebrated Father's Day with gifts for Kevin and lunch at Pappadeaux's.  Here's a cute picture that Dane made for Kevin.  He was all about the details... Kevin's arm hair and high heels.  :) 

We go to the pool whenever we can.  We aren't ever able to stay longer than an hour or hour and half most days with the baby but we try and go quite often.  I forgot how hard it is to do stuff like this with a baby.  It's a lot of work, and planning has to occur before going to make sure you have enough stuff that the baby needs and that it's in between nap times etc.  But, we make it work because Dane loves to swim and hello it's summertime.  

Dane attended one of the two Vacation Bible schools that I registered him for.  This first one was a church right down the road from us.  I had talked to several parents of friends from his school that were planning on going as well, so I knew that he would love to go and hang out with his buddies.  He had a great time, and was sad that it was only for 5 days.  

One afternoon after Vacation Bible School I took him to see the movie Inside Out.  Very cute!
And I might have gotten talked into doing the photo booth.  

More game nights...

We went over to my friend Leslie's house to swim one day.  She has a baby pretty close in age with Jace, and 2 other boys who are close in age with Dane. 

We ended June with a weekend getaway to Crystal Beach with our friends Christy and Dallas and their families.  Super Fun weekend!


That's a wrap for June!

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