Friday, July 10, 2015

#WittschensdoTX -- Day 1

We started off the month of July with a road trip around Central Texas hitting up things that we have never done before.  We are thinking that we might try and do this every year with new routes and locations to hit on the way.  This year we decided to not go to far away from home since we would be traveling with a baby, and didn't want the driving parts to be too long.  We had originally thought we would do 4 days, but ended up shortening it to 3 so we didn't push our luck too much with Jace.  So, there was some stops we skipped, and towns that we were wanting to go to but will have to do another time.  I think 3 days was the perfect amount of time for both of our boys this year.  
We really truly had a great time on our trip, and I took an insane amount of pictures as proof.  The only downfall was that it was blistering hot and humid.  Whew! It was so humid.  YUCK!

Day 1~
We got up fairly early and packed up everything that we needed and hit the road.  Our first stop was none other than Shipley's for a nutritious sugary breakfast.  

We landed in Brookshire for a quick photo op.  Our cooler wasn't quite big enough so we needed to upgrade to this one.  

Next up was a stop in Shiner at the Spoetzl Brewery.  Obviously, this was a stop for Kevin.  :) He enjoyed the tour and the tastings.  Jace and Dane got to try Shiner's finest strawberry lemonade.  Both were fans.  

Next up... Sequin.  
We told Dane that the next stop was going to be all for him.  That he was going to love the next stop and have so much fun there.  He kept begging for us to tell him what the stop was, but we wouldn't.  We pull up and Dane was not amused.  In fact, he was quite ticked. He asked us if we really thought this place was fun.  We couldn't hold in the laughter.  We quickly told him that it was a joke, but that the next stop would be a ton of fun for him.  We made up for it for sure!

Our real stop in Sequin was ZDT amusement park.  This place is a hidden gem for sure.  Cheap as all get out, small but just the right amount of stuff for a great day.  Admission is FREE for adults unless you plan on participating which is just plain awesome. The amusement park had a couple rides, 3 water slides, rock walls, trampoline bungee, simulator rides, go carts, a indoor playground, and unlimited free arcade games.  Everything was included in the admission and Dane got to do everything as many times as he wanted.  We had to get a drivers band for the go-carts because he wasn't tall enough to drive them, but $25 to do all that he did is a steal! Seriously so cheap.  We packed lunches and ate them at the park.  Dane had an absolute blast. We got there around lunch time and stayed until about 5:30.  There wasn't many people there, so Dane never had to wait for anything.  Jace had fun in the playground area and walking around getting into things he shouldn't. :)  We managed to get him asleep for a nap in his stroller for a little while, and then he played hard again when he woke up. We had to buy some $2 socks for him because they were required in the play area and we didn't have any.  Dane liked this stop and got over our little mean joke pretty quickly.  Ha.  It was the perfect stop for Dane. 

We left Sequin and headed to Adkins.  We stopped at this cool BBQ restaurant for dinner.  By this time we were all pretty tired, but Jace had had enough for the day. We sat down with our food and he ended up throwing an award winning tantrum in the restaurant.  It was pretty epic, one we will never forget.  He was overly tired, and there was nothing we could do to console him.  We were scrambling to get him to calm down and not disturb the other people eating in the restaurant. The food was good, but we had to scarf it down and rush out.  We didn't get to sit and relax and enjoy dinner like we had hoped or even tour the back of the restaurant that had their own personal rodeo.  It was a bit stressful, but what can you do?  As soon as we left Jace calmed down, and all Kevin and I could do was laugh at what had just taken place.  Jace was not a fan of the BBQ restaurant and he let that be known.  He was all smiles in his car seat, like he knew that he just caused some chaos and keeping us on our toes.  He did awesome though at the brewery and the amusement park, so we couldn't complain too much.  

We went straight to our hotel and got everyone bathed and in bed.  It was a long great first day, and we were pooped!! 

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