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#WittschensdoTX - Day 2

Day 2 ~
We woke up rested and ready to tackle another day.  We had a good breakfast at our hotel before getting back on the road and heading to San Antonio.  Our first stop was the Japanese Tea Gardens, and it did not disappoint.  It was so pretty, serene and peaceful.  I thought that this was just going to be a stop for me, but the boys loved it too.  There were several paths all through it that Dane loved exploring.  Jace was just happy to be out of his stroller and getting to walk around.  It was a breathtaking part of San Antonio that you wouldn't think of doing.  I've been to San Antonio so many times and done so many of the "touristy" attractions, and never knew this was here.  I could have stayed there for hours if it wouldn't have been how humid it was.  Man alive we were a sweaty bunch.  It was so humid and hot.  But, I loved this stop.  It was a great place to start our morning.  It had a calming effect on my crew and such a peaceful ambiance.  

We noticed that the entrance had Chinese Tea Gardens instead of Japanese.  There were some plaques that explained why, but Jace was halfway up the stairs so we didn't get a chance to read it, and then forgot on the way out.  

This is what happens when you try and hold Jace down for a picture.  HAHA~ He wants to be on the move all the time! 

Some pictures I stole from Kevin's phone.

Next stop was the Alamo.   You can't be in San Antonio without seeing the Alamo and getting a history lesson.  What's funny is that when we were telling Dane that we were going there, and explaining what it was Dane was not interested.  He told Kevin that this has to be a stop for him, and that he should be happy that he gets the next stop.  Well, wouldn't you know that Dane loved it! Absolutely loved it.  Kevin walked Dane all around the inside of the Alamo and the outside quarters and explained all about the history of it and Dane was so interested in it.  He loved looking at the weapons and seeing where the soldiers lived and what they had to do etc.  I couldn't let Jace run around since it's suppose to be a quite place and you aren't really allowed to touch anything.  So, he was in his stroller and I had to keep it moving to keep him content.  So, while Kevin and Dane learned all about the Alamo Jace and I made laps around the inside and outside of the Alamo and wasted time till they were ready to leave.  No pictures allowed inside so, this is all I got.  

Originally when we were going to make this trip a 4 day adventure we had plans to also stop in Luckenbach and Dripping Springs on day 2, but after our insane stop in Adkins with the epic meltdown we decided we needed to shorten it.  So, those are 2 cities that eventually we will need to make our way to, along with Round Top which was going to be on day 4.  Our trip was perfect though, so no regrets that we had to miss out on some of our stops.  

We got back on the road and drove over to Gruene to have lunch.  Surprisingly Kevin had never been to Gruene.  I was shocked when he told me that, because he has traveled all over the country.  We went to the Gristmill for lunch and sat outside.  Kevin was a little hesitant to sit outside because hello it was so hot and humid, but you can't be at the Gristmill and not sit outside. The scenery is what makes that restaurant great! Well, the food is great too but you know what I mean.  But, it was so nice.  The restaurant had fans going, and we were in the shade and God blessed us with lots and lots of cool breezes.  It actually felt nice outside.  And Jace made up for being a toot at the last restaurant and was his normal happy self this time. Kevin ordered a pork sandwich with onion rings, and the portions were HUGE! His onion rings were like double decker onion rings.  Our eyes were bugging out of our head. HA HA We enjoyed a peaceful lunch before going and piddling at all the cute shops that were across the street.  We "celebrated" that everyone was on the best behavior at the restaurant with ice cream in the cute soda fountain shop.  

 Jace loved the potato skin fries

Dane found this Davy Crockett hat he loved.  He looked so funny with it on and especially from the back with the raccoon tail hanging from it.  :) 

After spending some time in Gruene we headed out and ventured to the great city of Austin. 

Austin is known for being a "weird" city, so we wanted to make sure and do some of the odd things in the city that you wouldn't normally do when visiting.  Austin has so much to offer, there is just an abundance of things to do.  So, it was really hard narrowing down where exactly we wanted to go since we wouldn't be in the city for that long.  We had intentions of making this trip a hodge-podge of random fun stops.  

We visited a place called Cathedral of Junk.  And it's exactly that.  Words nor pictures truly do this place justice.  It was the weirdest but most intriguing place.  The cathedral of junk is tucked in the backyard of an Austin local's house. It's hidden and you can't really see it from the front of the house. Dane was super confused when we pulled up and asked us if this guy who lived there invited us over.  HA.  It's a 3 story "tower" of organized junk.  There are "rooms" organized by color, "rooms" organized by the type of junk etc.  You might think how could a backyard filled with junk be neat, but it was.  It was really amazing how he had made this huge cathedral and organized the junk into art.  He used cement to hold everything together. You could walk through the same rooms over and over and see hundreds of things that you didn't see before.  Dane loved it. Who am I kidding we all loved it!  We explored the cathedral from top to bottom and kept finding new "rooms" and staircases made out of junk to get to hidden parts.  I'm doing a terrible job at explaining it, and honestly my pictures won't do the job either.  But, this was seriously a cool place.  The owner has been collecting and building this for over 20 years now, and he not only uses his junk, but people in Austin come and bring their junk for him to use as well. It's one of those things you have to see it for yourself to fully get it.  

 I'm stealing this quote from the internet...
The "Cathedral of Junk" is by nearly every measure irregular.  It's equal parts art work and urban jungle gym; an Austin, Tx weird landmark.

We went to Congress Ave because there are a lot of fun offbeat shops to go into and look at. We went into several and looked around. The one Dane really enjoyed the most was Lucy in Disguise.  It's a huge costume shop, so we spent some time in there while Dane tried on costumes and hats.  We had intentions of going into the Big Top Candy Shop, and Jace distracted us with a blowout diaper, and after we got him cleaned up then it slipped our mind.  Womp Womp.  We remembered that evening after they had already closed.  Bummer.  

 I said Dane don't you think that vest is a little small for you?? Nope, he said fits me perfectly.  Alrighty then.

Has anyone seen my fruit chews????

Another stop at a fun mural while Jace slept in the car.  No worries we left the car on, and it took maybe just a couple minutes to snap the pictures. 

Our last stop of the day was at Pinballz Arcade to have a little fun.  It had rows and rows of pinball machines, with some other games thrown in as well.  Of course, Dane had fun!!   

We picked up a quick dinner and went to the hotel to rest.  The hotel gave us tickets for free wine which hello that's awesome.  Dane and I relaxed and swam for a little while at the pool and Kevin and Jace hung out in the hotel room.

2nd day of our road trip was a success!! 

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