Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2nd Grade!

Wasn't it just a few months ago that we were at Dane's pre-school graduation?? Feels like yesterday.  Here we are going into the 3rd year of elementary.  
2nd Grade.  Hard to believe.  

Dane was super excited on the first day to get back to school and see his friends and become a 2nd grader.  Dane has become more independent if that's even possible and has become very teenager like.  He was against me taking pictures, didn't want me to bring him to school, acted embarrassed that I was walking him into the school building, and then stopped me before walking into his classroom and told me he didn't need me to walk him in.  :(  But, I told him that it was a rule and in the parent handbook that parents have to do all this stuff on the first day.  HaHa It did make me feel better when I was leaving the school and ran into a couple of mom's of his friends and they had the same experience with their boys.  

The entire day I felt like I was pacing and feeling like I didn't know what I was suppose to be doing.  The clock was watched all day, and it moved so slowly.  I was dying to know how the day went.  I was little nervous because unfortunately he did not get in class with any of his friends from the past 2 years. Very disappointing really, and on top of that I had heard that his teacher has a reputation for being a tough teacher.  I baked some double decker cookies with the hope of bribing Dane with treats to give me lots of details about the day.  Because you know boys... full of details is not one of their traits.  

Dane got home and was all smiles! He had a great day, and we are looking forward to a great year.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Longest Post Ever AKA August

Wow.  Summer is officially over. 

 Part of me feels like it flew by so fast, but then the other half feels like June was so so long ago.  We had a good summer, I can't complain.  It was filled with fun packed days, and lazy days and days in between.  I think Dane really enjoyed his summer break this year, and is now ready to get back to school.   He really enjoyed the camps that he got to attend and it gave him something to do and to be around other kids.  All in all I think we had a good summer and made lots of memories.  Although I really have enjoyed the time with my boys I am looking forward to us getting back into some sort of a routine.  

August has been a brutally hot month.  We have had lots of days with temperatures like this.  And it wouldn't be as bad if the humidity wouldn't be so terrible.  So, I felt like we were cooped up more this month, or if we did go anywhere we were in the AC if at all possible.  Makes me long for fall!! Ready for some cooler days, where going to the park is an option! 

I saw this saying and thought how right it is. As soon as August hits I feel like my brain starts thinking about everything I need to do to get Dane ready for back to school.  This month was filled with getting his closet and dresser cleaned out, and figuring out what all clothes he needs for the new year.  He needed everything this year, has outgrown everything he owns.  He's even outgrown his socks and underwear if that tells you anything about how much of a growth spurt he has recently had.  So, I spent the last few weeks shopping for clothes.  I held off on getting anything for the fall, because it's just so hot so felt like it would be a while before he needed pants and long sleeve clothes.  We also knocked out new tennis shoes, back pack and lunch kit, haircut, new baseball helmet and bag because he was needing those as well.  Whew.  August was an expensive month because it just seemed like he needed everything at the same time.  

I'm going try and squeeze all of our August fun into one long post.  EEK.  Could be a long one. 

The first week of August Dane attended Cypress Academy summer camp.  Cypress Academy is a gymnastic/cheer place that has trampolines and gymnastic equipment and a huge play thing that the kids can climb.  The camp is filled with fun activities from 9-3:30 and Dane had an absolute blast and was worn out when I would pick him up in the afternoons. Trampolines, foam pits to jump into, huge inflatables, fun competitions, games, sports, water activities etc were all a part of his day.  Two of the days were water slide days so that was extra fun. He had friends from school that ended up being in his group which was an added bonus.  It was a fun summer day camp, and worth every penny we spent on it and something we will do again next summer.  It got him out of the house for a week doing fun active activities and an opportunity to be wild and crazy with other kids.  

Snuck in a couple pics after dropping him off before I left.  
Getting warmed up for a fun day.
 This pic is super blurry, but it was "crazy hair day" on top of it being a swim suit day.  He did his hair himself.  And I'm pretty sure he used up a whole bottle of gel to get those spikes.  

The last day the parents were invited to come 30 minutes early before pick up and watch skits that each group had created.  It was a cute cheesy little show and fun to watch.  Fun little ending to his week long camp.  

We ended up getting to the camp too early to go in on the last day so we wasted some time in the parking lot and took Jace out of his car seat.  He wasn't angry about it as you can tell. :)
Lots of pictures, but he was so cute I couldn't resist. 

A keeping it real moment.  We haven't had too many moments like this this summer, but one day Dane had just been wearing me out.  It was just one of those days, where he was struggling to listen and follow directions.  And he ended up pushing me to blurt out that he needed to go sit in time out.  It's been a long time since we have used time out, because he's a bit old for it and it doesn't work as well as taking away something important to him.  Anyway, I lost my mind for a second and yelled for him to go sit in time out.  Well, it had been so long that he was confused and had no idea where to go.  HAHA I had to just roll with it and point to a corner.  Jace didn't know what to think so he went over there and sat behind him the entire time he sat there and lovingly patted his back.  True brother love for sure.  

We have had our fair share of snow cones this summer, and jenga games while we wait for our snow cones to be ready.

Dane finished up the PLAYER level in golf, and qualifies to be moved up to the next level.  We are going to take a little break from golf for a few months and skip their fall session so we aren't too busy with our fall baseball schedule.  Then in January we will sign back up for the winter golf session.  It actually works out perfectly.  Dane did golf this summer, and it ended right when baseball practice started, and then baseball will end and have a little time to rest before golf will start back up.  Busy but not too busy... just how I like it.  

Kevin and Dane made a little trip over to the Holocaust museum in Houston the afternoon after his golf ceremony.  We found a groupon coupon that would get Kevin in at a discounted price and also Dane's ticket would be free.  Kevin had been wanting to go and we thought maybe since Dane has showed interest in history recently that he might enjoy this museum like he did the Alamo and the Texas Ranger museum.  But, he was a bit too young to really understand it and found it to be boring and didn't enjoy it.  A little too heavy for him at this point.  I'm glad that we didn't pay for his ticket!  Kevin wants to go back when he can really take his time looking at everything, and is hoping to be able to take some of his students there.  

We went swimming quite a bit this summer.  I didn't do a good job this year of getting cute pictures at the pool though.  I never brought my good camera, and rarely remembered to take out my cell phone to catch a few moments.  Nothing about being at the pool with Jace is relaxing.  He has a blast, but it's a lot of work.   He just wants to be on the move and walk around so you are on psycho lifeguard duty to make sure he stays afloat.  He is not afraid of the water or getting wet or even getting his face wet, he loves everything about it, but his balance in the water isn't great.  Putting him in a baby raft is his version of a baby torture device.  He hates it. I'm looking forward to getting him swimming lessons next year!   
 Dane and his friend pretending that they were in a boat that had a hole in it.  One was needing rescuing, and one would save the day.  

 Looks like he is crying but this is his happy yelling face.  He was having a blast

We brought in Dane's truck that he loved when he was little into the house for Jace to play with.  It's too hot outside for us to play outside.  It has been a BIG hit. Jace loves playing in it all day.  He gets in and out of the seat, gets in the bed of the truck, opens and closes the door, puts stuff he is hoarding into the truck.  He loves it and literally plays in it most of the day everyday.  

I took the kids to the Children's Museum one day and met Christy, Zach and Sophia there for a day of fun.  I'm super thankful Christy decided to go because Jace was all over the place and it was always opposite from where Dane was wanting to play.  So, Dane was able to hang with her crew while I ran around chasing Jace.  The kids had a great time.  I think Dane's favorite was pretending to be a news reporter and doing science experiments.  

Dane and had a little date just the two of us one Wednesday at Splashway in Sheridan Texas. We left Jace and Kevin at home and ventured off for a fun relaxing day at the water park.  It's about an hour and fifteen minutes away.  We got there before they opened to guarantee a covered table spot and hit the road about 30 minutes before closing.  It's a great water park, quite a bit smaller in comparison to Schitterbahn, but perfect size for Dane to be able to go ride slides without me and still be able to find him.  All the big slides are clumped together and I found a table really close to them to put our stuff, and it was really close to an entrance into the lazy river.  So, I would float around and he would ride slides and then he would join me in the lazy river and then repeat.  He was a fan of swimming laps around me in the lazy river.  He would swim the current and then catch back to me and lap me. Fun fun day!

 The wave pool was a hit also

 Jace caught in the act of getting the remote to the tv.  He will grab it and stare at you until you see that he has it, then take off running with it.  This is him staring at Kevin waiting to be caught. It's a big game to him.  He will come back to you and act like he is going to give it to you and then take off again all while laughing and giggling. 

I got tickets to see Bob Schneider for Kevin for father's day.  He had to wait a few months before cashing in his gift.  We had a fun night out, and Bob put on a great show as usual.  
We tried to get the guy next to us to take our picture but Kevin couldn't figure out how to look at the camera with normal eyes when the flash would go off.  We tried about 4 times and this was the best we got. HAHAHA

Please mom no pictures this morning

Thursday we went to Dane's school and met his 2nd grade teacher. We are hoping for a good year.  Dane is excited that in 2nd grade his class will switch with another class and have a different teacher for certain subjects.  I didn't get a picture with his switch teacher, but this will be Dane's homeroom teacher who will also teach him math and science.  
Looking forward to another great year.

Yesterday as a last little fun day before school started I took the boys to Monkey Bizness to bounce out some crazy energy.  Jace loved it just as much as Dane did.  He would bounce and fall and then crack up.  We spent a few hours there until both were hungry and a sweaty mess.  

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went to the Chase Building downtown Houston.  It has an observation deck on the 60th floor and I had heard its a really neat view of the city.  It's free and thought it would be good to check out.  I have to say it was really cool.  Reminded me when Kevin and I went to the observation deck at Sears Tower in Chicago, but not as high.  Riding up to the top you could feel your ears popping, and then when you stepped out you could feel the building do a slight sway.  Not sure how to explain it other than the way you feel after being on a boat for a long time and can feel motion when back on land.  The view was pretty cool.  Dane was very impressed, and kept trying to tell me that he could see Orange way out there.  :) 

Then we swung by the Art Car Museum for a quick tour of the art cars that were on display.  It's also free.  It's a tiny little quirky place with only a handful of cars to look at.  We were told they change out the cars every 3-4 months.  This is something you would think you would see in Austin... it's a bit weird for Houston but I think it's neat! We went to the art car parade several years ago, and hoping we can go back one of these days.  

We ended the summer this morning with our 2nd annual Back to School Breakfast Bash at the Breakfast House.  We did this last year the Saturday before school started and decided it would be a tradition! Yummy! 

And that's it!!!! Whew August!! I didn't think we really did much this month, until I sat down and decided to get caught up.