Wednesday, August 5, 2015

14 months

14 months on the 4th for Jman.  

He is turning into a toddler before our eyes.  Understanding more and more commands.  Loves to be chased and to play with balls.  He is constantly knocking over blocks and climbing off and on things.  Loves music and will dance a little when it's on.  Playing with Dane is a favorite, and wants to climb all over him when he is on the floor. We call him the Baby Hulk because he is a bit stocky but so strong. He can tear up stuff in a nanosecond, lifts things that should be heavy for him and will carry or drag them across the floor.  It always makes us laugh when he does stuff like that.  He gets super silly, hyper  and giggly in the evenings when it's getting close to bedtime.  Loves to squeal loud when he is happy.  Generally is a happy baby unless he is hungry and then he turns into meltdown central, or if you have him contained and won't let him walk around.  He is on the move constantly, and is no longer content in a stroller, car seat, high chairs etc for long periods of time.  He gets attached to things and wants to hold them the entire day.  It's usually fuzzy socks (yes, still has a sock obsession), golf balls, and bristle blocks that he likes to have in his hands at all times.  He says dada, momma, and Da (Dane) pretty clearly.  He loves to get ahold of remotes and look at you and then take off running and laughing because he knows he isn't suppose to have them.  This also happens with anything he can get his hands on from the fridge.  If that door is opened he is running to grab a condiment from the door shelves.  He is into everything.  EVERYTHING! Loves loves loves when we leave the pantry door open or the bathroom door open to go in and do some damage.  :) He's a mess and keeps us on our toes the entire day.  
He still does not sleep through the night most nights.  Big Sigh.  It's pretty inconsistent. One night he will sleep till 5, the next night he wakes up at midnight and 4, other nights it's just once a night.  
He is extremely sensitive, and cries easily if you tell him no.  But, is super affectionate and will give hugs and kisses quite often during the day.  He is just as cute as he can be!! 

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