Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jesus is in my heart - Where? In my heart today

A couple weeks ago we had Vacation Bible School at our church.  Our church goes all out for their VBS, it's always a huge event that brings in about 2000 kids on our campus alone.  I volunteered to help out this year, and ended up being a lead teacher in one of the eight kindergarten classes.  It is a full week, a lot of fun and a whole lot of craziness.  I can't even put into words how tired I was at the end of each day.  Working with kindergartners is a lot of work, so I give so many props to those elementary teachers who do it on a daily basis.  Every day we would come home and I would just crash onto the couch for a couple hours.  It's a great week, but extremely tiring!  

Dane always looks forward to VBS, and this year did not disappoint.  He had a blast with his friends, and learned a ton about Jesus.  The theme was Superhero Training Academy, and all the kids got to take home a cape.  This VBS was extra special because he decided to pray and accept Jesus into his heart.  We couldn't have been happier that he made this decision on his own.  He actually told me as we were walking out of church on that last day.  I was talking to a lady who was helping in my classroom when he kept saying that he needed to tell me something.  He ended up blurting it out and we both just stopped dead in our tracks, and then started cheering.  I was so proud of him, and couldn't wait to get Kevin on the phone so he could tell him.  What a special day!  We had a meeting with the children's pastor the next day to discuss it and get his baptism scheduled.  

Jace had to go into the VBS nursery, which was extremely stressful for me because he just doesn't handle the drop off well.  He is an emotional mess who usually has a death grip on my arm and has to be peeled off of me.  I hate it, it's the worst feeling leaving him so sad.  Thankfully, his teacher is a sweet girl and would send me pictures to let me know that he was doing ok.  He fell asleep everyday on the bye bye buggie.  Poor little guy was so tired because he normally takes a morning nap, but wasn't able to during VBS.  

This was right before he evidently fell asleep.  Poor little guy.  

The Sunday after Vacation Bible School Dane got baptized during the Sunday morning service.  It was a special day, and Dane was over the moon about his decision.  He told us afterwards that he hopes he never forgets this day, and that he had waited a long time to get baptized.  He has asked about baptisms on more than one occasion, but needed a little more time to fully understand what it meant.  He was so happy the day.  He felt so special.  We let him pick out where he wanted to eat lunch after church and then celebrated with a cookie cake.  Because didn't Jesus once say Go Forth and Follow me, and then indulge in a big cookie cake?  Well, something like that anyway.  :)
I have a confession. UGH.  It still makes me mad at myself.  We got into our church and were getting our seats when I took out my real camera to take a picture and check the lighting when I discovered I didn't have my memory card inside it.  :(!!!!! Oh, I can't even tell you how sick I was.  Kevin had gone into the locker room with Dane to help him get ready, and we didn't have enough time for me to run home before the service started.  I'm usually so good with remembering to put my memory card back into my camera after uploading pictures.  It was the devil I tell you! He was trying to take away from our special day.  So, I had to use my cell phone, and the quality isn't the greatest.  But, Kevin got video of it and that was that.

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