Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Shenanigans

Well, I have to admit I'm officially over summertime and this heat.  Hello August.  
As much as I have loved having lots of free time with my boys, I've hit the point that I'm ready to be back in our routine.  We officially have 3 more weeks of summer and then school starts back up.  It's been a great summer so far, but I'm itching to get back in the groove.  It's so hot that it's getting hard to leave the house.  Good Lord it is miserable.  

Dane started his last fun camp of the summer yesterday.  He's going to Cypress Academy for a full week of activities and then we will have a couple more weeks of fun before the summer ends.

The last couple of weeks has been pretty low key besides working Vacation Bible School two weeks ago.  Kevin was busy that whole week at a conference at Rice University and the boys and I were pretty tired after VBS each day, so we didn't do a whole lot.  If I'm being honest we ate out more that week than we probably have in 3 months.  VBS started at 9, but since I was a worker I had to be there at 8 and getting 2 kids ready and fed and out the door at 7:30 wasn't an easy task especially since Jace picked this week to sleep in later of course.  Don't be fooled he still woke up in the middle of the night, but I had to wake him up 3 of the 5 days which is not a good way to start the day.  So, we would grab something on the way to church, and then some days I was just to tired to make sandwiches so we would drive through somewhere on the way home from VBS.  And let's not even talk about dinner because it just wasn't happening.  It was bad, it was a week for survival for me.  Man alive those kindergartners are hard work!! :)

After the first day of VBS I thought it would be a good idea to take the boys to the mall and let the kids play for a while before doing a little shopping.  HAHAHAHAHAHA I laugh because I had energy when I thought that was a good idea and once we got there I suddenly hit a wall and realized how tired I truly was.  I let the kids play, and then I tossed the shopping out the window.  And then the rest of the week we came straight home and changed into comfy clothes and lounged around until bedtime.

 He climbed into this bowl thingie and just laid back and relaxed.  Hilarious.

We were leaving the mall and Dane saw this coke machine and ran over and pointed to the monster drink and asked if we could get one for Granny.  He knew she drinks those a lot when she's really tired.  So we sent this picture to her and she was impressed that he remembers that she drinks those.

The rest of the week looked more like this. 

If Dane is taking a nap he's either sick or that's when you know he is going on fumes.  And yes those are Christmas lights still up around his bed.  

Game over for the little dude.

We heard about a new cool park that I wanted to check out, so one morning last week I took the boys early with hopes to be there before it got too hot.  It was definitely really hot and humid, but we loved the park. We plan on going back once it gets a little cooler, Dane absolutely loved it and had so much fun building a big house out of the building blocks this park offered.

Kevin and Dane went and played golf the other day.  They did 9 holes, and Dane had so much fun that he is already begging for them to do it again.  Dane is still in lessons, has one more Saturday for this session and then he has a little break before he moves up to the next level.

In the last month Dane has gotten 2 separate black eyes on the same eye.  You can kind of see it in the picture above.  The first time he was throwing the ball around when he missed his step and fell on a raised up part of the cement.
This picture is actually the 2nd day and it got much worse, but he didn't want me taking pictures of it anymore.  And then as soon as it got back to looking normal he was practicing batting with Kevin when a ball hit his bat and then slammed into his eye. It got pretty swollen and got black immediately as you can kind of see in picture above.  He did not want pictures of it, and would get annoyed if anyone asked him what happened.

One thing I love about summer time is that the days are longer, and kids can stay outside a little later.

Kevin took Dane to see the Minion movie one day last week which is always a treat.

I had to take a couple pictures before church Sunday because how cute did this guy look in this polo? He was happy about it too.

More pool fun... trying to distract the little guy with lots of snacks during the adult swim breaks.

Just some brotherly love... Jace loves when Dane pushes him on this little car.

Jace's new "chair"

My little sensitive guy.  When you tell him no his face starts off like this.  Squishy nose
 Then turns to this... more squishy nose and pouty lip out
 Quickly turns more into this
Then full on crying and hurt feelings.  

On July 31st I had the urge to bake a cake.  I didn't have a reason, other than I was in the mood for a chocolate cake.  While I was baking Kevin told Dane "You know today you are officially 7 1/2 years old".  He was floored and so excited that it was his half birthday, and that I was baking him a cake to celebrate! HA! I totally played along that I knew all along that it was his half birthday and that's the reason I was baking the cake! He was so happy and felt like he had just grown a million feet!
I think subconsciously this momma knew there was a good reason to bake a cake.  Thankful for a husband who remembers dates for everything.

Well, I hear someone talking over the baby monitor.  Nap time is officially over.  Adios.

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