Monday, September 7, 2015

15 months

15 months on Sept 4th!

This month has been a big one for Jman.  It's like a light bulb came on and things started to click.

Let's start with a BIG one!! Sleeping...  He has FINALLY started sleeping through the night, can we get an AMEN.  AMEN!!  He still wakes up pretty early, but I can't complain because on good nights he sleeps from about 8:00 until 5:30 or 6:00ish.  Then he will usually go back down around 8:30 for an hour or two.

This month he has learned how to throw.  Before this he would go get a ball and hand it to you, but now he actually throws it and wants you to throw it back.  But, with this cute little milestone also comes with throwing everything.  Remotes, phones, cups, food and anything else he isn't suppose to be getting a hold of.

Little baby Hulk now climbs.  He can get onto the couches and my bed with the help of a bench at the end of the bed, stairs etc.  He loves to climb up onto the couches and sit there like a big kid.  Then when you leave the room or turn away for a split second he will stand up and run or bounce on whatever he is on top of.  Lots of heart attacks are now happening.  I'm telling you he is keeping me on my toes.

Stacking blocks has become a new thing.  Instead of just destroying what you try building he will actually stack the building blocks now.  He will also pick up the blocks and put back into the box on occasion when you ask.  Usually it has to be his idea. :)

He is starting to really understand a lot of commands.  Based on what you say he knows which part of the house to run to.
Bye Bye- runs to the gate
Are you hungry or want some milk- runs to fridge
Lets change your diaper- runs to me bedroom door
Let's take out the trash- runs to back door and then stands by window to watch
Go get in your chair- runs to his high chair

Baby Hulk moments:
He has figured out how to get through my gate that I have blocking him from getting to the stairs.  We have had to put chairs on each side, but he still can push it really hard and get out sometimes.  He can get most of my cabinets that have the baby lock on them open.  And if he can't get it open he is able to squeeze his arm in and manage to get stuff out.  He will push heavy things or pick up stuff that you think would be too heavy for him.  Our kitchen chairs get pushed all over the kitchen at times.  It's hilarious, but frustrating at times.  He is like a tiny bull in a china cabinet.  He has started throwing these epic tantrums.  Terrible twos a bit early.  But, they are crazy and loud and the only thing that stops it is to just ignore him and then he stops and needs a hug.  HAHAHA!!

He is really liking shoes now, and tries all day to put them on constantly.  He puts his little foot through the flip flops with the strap around his ankle and will try and walk around like that.  He also loves putting toys into shoes as well.  Which reminds me when Dane did that and limped the whole day at day care, and we thought his hip was messed up but really it was because his foot was smashed into a shoe with something at the toe.  Hilarious

This month he started eating and loving grapes.  It's his favorite food by far.  We cut them up and he will eat every single piece and manage to not get any in his lap or on the floor.  When I pull those out of the fridge he starts saying hmmmm and then whines and freaks out while I'm cutting them because he's dying to have them.

He had his 15 month appt, but I can't remember his stats exactly so I'll update that later.

Lots of pictures, but he was being extra cute so...

As he was playing with the blinds he started off laughing while I was saying no, but then he started squishing up his nose at me.  Hilarious

 He doesn't like being told no.

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