Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A little of this and that

So many pictures so little time.  

Life has been busy lately.  Nothing out of the ordinary or anything crazy, just the everyday grind.  But, I haven't had much time to get on here and catch up.  We are busy with just the everyday stuff like school, work, homework, baseball season, volunteering at the school, part time jobs, school committees etc etc. 

So... what's been up with us?

Kevin- He is working his tail off right now.  He had 2 college classes start the same day as his high school classes that he is teaching.  He is drowning in paper work and stays up super late every night grading papers.  But, he enjoys teaching the college level and it's good money so he doesn't complain. He is also coaching Dane's baseball team this season so is in charge of the practices and pitching at the games.  AND he has just over a month left of being in his thirties.  Gasp!!  He has a big birthday coming up.  

Dane- He is loving school which is nothing new and doing really really well.  His grades are really excelling so far, and he is adjusting to his new teacher and all that she expects.  This is the first year that he gets real numerical grades instead of the E, S, N, U he got the last couple years.  He loves that he gets to switch classes this year, and science has been his favorite subject so far.  Baseball season started and we are already 4 games into the season.  Even though it's only Sept Dane has already started on his Christmas wish list, and a back up list that could be for his birthday in January.  :)  

Jace- We call him the baby Hulk. He is into everything.  I mean everything.  He breaks into baby proofed cabinets on the daily, and can now reach drawers and pull those open and stand on his tippy toes reaching for whatever his little fingers can grab.  He loves to play with balls, bristle blocks, building blocks and anything that he is not suppose to play with.  He loves to be outside and just wants to run around and climb on things.  Dane is the one he adores the most, belly laughs when he is silly and loves for him to chase him.  He is keeping me on my toes, and keeping me pretty busy during the day.  

Me- I've gotten myself committed to a lot this year, and am finding that I'm a lot busier than I thought I would be.  I signed up to be Dane's homeroom mom for his class, became a chairman on the hospitality committee and I'm on the yearbook committee as well for the PTO at Dane's school.  We had our first teacher appreciation luncheon a week ago and it was a lot of work.  Did I say a lot of work?? Whew.    And a few weeks ago I joined the staff at our church and working a little part time gig.  

2nd day of school

Jace always has something in his mouth.  He uses it for a 3rd hand.


sweet boy

Dane loves this new shirt. Part ninja.

He can put away some grapes!

Trips to the mall playground are always fun

Spirit Day!

 He thought he was big stuff when he got this history book and was playing with it.

I loved this lego creation Dane built.  It's an RV that has a pool on top, bike rack and a spot for a canoe.  There is a seat on top that can be used to relax Dane told me and said she even has her own wine bottle up there.  :)  On the bottom he told me there is a tea and lemonade drink machines, and a safe to store the girl's jewelry.  And a table and a bed inside.

Another baseball season.  This is #5 for us.  2nd fall season that we have been a part of.  We are the Express team this go round, and Kevin is the main head coach.  We got our t-shirts the day before our first game, so couldn't get their names on their backs till later.

This picture cracks me up with Kevin running with his clip board.

Fun with Dane's best friend Liam and his brother.  A great way to end the first week of school.

I think that gets us through the last week of August. 
  I'll Update more soon!

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Love the Blog!! They're growing up so quickly!!