Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept Shenanigans- part 1

Lots more pictures for your viewing pleasure! 

Showing our Aggie spirit!

Another trip to the Exploration Park.  It's such a neat place.  Both boys were a sweaty mess when we left.  Jace thinks he is so big running around and doing what all the big kids are doing.  

 Yes, that is a huge "tattoo" that Dane got, and it ended up staying on his skin for days.  

 Dane sharing his banana with little piggy.  This is happening on the regular now.  Jace is a beggar!! 

Quick phone pics before catching the bus

Morning cuddles are the best

And again...

wearing blue to show support for our policemen/women and service workers!

Dane had been asking to go back to Home Depot for their kid workshops, so Kevin took him and I think they had more fun looking at all the scary Halloween decorations.  I got so many pictures of all the decor, and then when they got home a full description of everything that was there.  Both are wanting to decorate the outside of our house in creepy stuff.  I on the hand like more of the cutesy Halloween decorations.

Hanging out at Willies having lunch and watching the Aggies play.
 Jace was so happy to be there. 

If I'm sitting on the couch Jace will come and sit with his back up against my legs.  It's so sweet and cute.

Jace squeezing himself into a tiny container.  Hilarious!! He did this over and over.  

This picture got uploaded out of order, but another cute one of my little guy cheering on the Aggies. 

We still take advantage that Jace fits in my sink, it's so much easier giving him baths in it verses my garden tub.  He will stay seated in the sink, unlike when he is in the bath tub.  

 Labor Day wknd we spent some time at the pool.  It was the last weekend it was open for the season.  

More before school pictures. 

We had a chair on other side of Kevin's desk, but we have had to move it due to this one climbing on it and messing with the computer or getting up on the desk.  

Just doing a little leisurely reading of a hunting magazine. 

Someone got their hands on the belt of my robe.  

2nd baseball game this season.  This game was rough with Jace.  He didn't get to have a nap, so he was Mr Cranky pants and didn't want to hang out in his playpen.  I got a couple pictures, but then spent the entire game holding him and letting him run around counting down the minutes.  It was super hot this game as well, so it was straight misery for me.  I didn't get to watch the game, so I had to pretend to know what was going on when Dane was talking about it.  He was oblivious that I wasn't in the stands watching.  

Dane's favorite part of being a ball player... the concession stand.  HA!
Dane asks for popcorn 9 times out 10.  

We need a u-haul to carry all the stuff we have to bring to his games.  Kevin has to bring a bucket of balls, buckets for all the kid's stuff, catcher's gear, Jace's play pen etc.  That was only half of it.  I had the stroller with Jace in it, his diaper bag, Dane's water jug, and a portable chair.  

 We celebrated our friend Zach's birthday at IT'Z pizza.  Dane had a game that day so he had to wear his uniform.  
 Getting in some action with the b-day hat
 Dane rode this ride about 27 times in a row.  It's amazing that he doesn't get sick.  He loves rides!

 Bumper cars!

Jace's 15 month appt.  We had to wait for quite a while for the doctor to show up.  So, Jace made himself at home and dug through all the drawers.  

I had lunch with Dane one day.  Always fun to do that.

More Sept fun coming soon.

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