Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sept Shenanigans- the sequel

J-man keeps me on my toes these days, so I don't get much free time to sit down and upload pictures very often.  Here's the rest of the miscellaneous pictures from September.  

We have been going over to a nearby walking trail in the evenings when the weather isn't too hot.  Dane rides his bike all around while I push Jace in a stroller.  Kevin runs a couple laps, and then will walk with me and Jace.  Dane never wants to leave when it is time to go.  He loves the independence of riding his bike all around the trails, and it's a perfect and safe spot for him to do so.  

morning cuddles before school

Jace "reading" his favorite book.  We read this probably 20 times everyday, and then he will hand it to Kevin when he gets home also.  

Look at this sad face.  He wasn't feeling the boosterthon headband that Dane got for his fun run.  Look at that pouty face! 
Ok, all better.  He was told that he wouldn't have to wear it to the race.  :)

International Dot Day at Dane's school.  

It's a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration that began when a teacher introduced his class to the book by Peter Reynolds The Dot.  What begins with a small dot on a paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage and creativity in art.  -thedotclub.org

Breaking into the Tupperware cabinet.

Another tooth lost.  This time at school, which is more exciting because you get sent to the nurse to get a tiny treasure chest to put your tooth in.  Dane has been wanting to lose a tooth at school since kindergarten.  

I'm on the hospitality committee at Dane's school, and we had our first teacher luncheon in September.  It was a ton of work, way more than I was ever expecting.  We had a taco bar for the teachers, and parents donate all the food.  I spent the night before cooking up 35lbs of taco meat.  Parents dropped off raw meat at the school, instead of cooking it. Major miscommunication between the parents and the person who created the sign up site.  I wish you could have seen how big my eyes were when I got a call from the school that there was coolers of raw meat that needed to be picked up.  Insane. 
Jace and I got there early to set up the luncheon.  I had to make 2 trips with my wagon filled with food. The luncheon was a huge success, the teachers all were super grateful and the food tasted great.  

Kevin showing Dane how to brake on his bike.  He still puts his feet down to stop, or jumps off.  Ha

Another baseball game.  This one was a doozie.  Jace had a blast this go round.  But, Dane's team got a terrible butt whipping.  It was sad and pitiful.  I think the score ended up being 20-0.  We didn't get a single kid on base the entire game.  Every hit was either caught in the air or the other team would get the ball and throw to first and get our runners out.  It was insane.  Every single kid on the other team was incredible, all could catch, all made incredible plays, all could hit the ball to the outfield some making homeruns.  It was just bad from the get go.  Our team couldn't catch a break.  But, it was a good chance to learn about humility and it was a character building event.  Kevin was able to encourage the kids to not give up, and to be good sports.  

Dane is loving science this year.  It's his favorite subject.  Everyone in his class came home with a bulb that they could plant, so they could be responsible for a plant and to watch it grow.  Kevin helped him plant it in our front landscaping.  Every morning before school and when he gets home he asks to water it.   

While Dane is away at school Jace and I sneak off to the park some mornings.  

More sharing bananas.  This was back in September when Jace was a good eater.  He has since become extremely picky, and won't eat hardly anything given to him even stuff he used to like.  I'm hopping that it's because he has 4 teeth coming in.  But, feeding him lately has been very frustrating.  

More pics from our evening walks.  Sometimes it's just too much and he passes out.

See you at the Pole at Dane's school.  It's a time that the students can come to together and pray for their school, staff, and administrators.  

Dane came home with this certificate congratulating him on a good job in reading.  He is now a level O in reading.  The district standard says he should be an O at the end of 3rd grade, so he is doing incredible and really ahead of where he should be in 2nd grade.  He loves to read, so I'm proud of him that he is doing so good.  

I'll post about Dane's fun run in a separate post, and then that will conclude September! 

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