Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blessington Farms

I took the kids to Blessington Farms on Columbus Day.  It was a teacher workday, so Dane had the day off from school.  They both had a blast running around, doing the hay maze, riding the train, sliding on the tube slides etc.  Both were filthy and a hot mess when it was time to leave.  I attempted to get pictures of them together in the pumpkins, but it didn't happen.  Jace did not want to cooperate.  He got mad when I put him in the middle of the pumpkins, and he wasn't able to get out.  He is so happy if you let him be and he can run around, but the second you contain him he gets mad and you can kiss a happy picture goodbye.  Hilarious really.  Dane was being cooperative for the first few minutes, then got annoyed that Jace was screaming and that it was taking time away from him doing what he wanted to do.  Real life folks.  HA! 
We had a great time though, the farm was a lot smaller than the one we usually go to but it had enough stuff to keep them busy.  

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