Sunday, October 25, 2015

Family, Friends, Firefighters & Fun

I will eventually get to the big ticket items from October... Kevin's 40th and Halloween. 
But, first more miscellaneous pictures from the month, mainly from my cell phone.  

I'm super super thankful that I have family that goes out of their way to help me when I need it.  My cousins Lindsay and Haley drove to Cypress from Orange to stay with my boys while Kevin and I took a weekend getaway to celebrate his BIG 4-0... more on the celebration part later.  I can't even tell you how appreciative we were that they offered to do that.  There has been so much going on with my step dad that my mom wasn't going to be able to watch them, but they offered in a heartbeat.  
They are seriously the best.  
Dane was super excited to have his little cousins come spend the weekend with him.  The kids had so much fun together.  Some pictures that they sent me while we were away.  
 Baylor loving on Jace... who is almost her size and she's 3!
 Jace and Jack... they will be best buds as they get older.  They are 8 months apart, so this time next year they will both be running around and can really play with each other.  
 Jace snuck a capri sun out of the fridge and went and hid.  Hilarious
 The kids had a blast.  They made monster munch and monster forts, and watched movies and played games.  

 Dane teaching Hadley and Baylor how to play Monopoly Empire

Dane made his school's fb page with this picture from his music class.  

Kevin took the boys to watch his students play volleyball one afternoon after school.  I was busy cooking dinner so I stayed behind.  From the pictures Jace looks really into the game doesn't he? :)

Dane with his game ball he got from having a great game.  I didn't bring my camera that evening, Kevin took this while we were waiting on our Sonic drinks to celebrate a good game and win!

Always up for a drink

We attended another play date with the moms from Dane's school.  We went and brought treats to a fire station near us.  Jace was really too young to understand what was going on, but we just needed an excuse to get out of the house and have some adult conversations.  
He did love sitting in the fire truck though playing with the steering wheel and all the buttons.  

Anyone else besides me think the fireman on the right looks like a huskier Johnny Manziel?  

Jackie came into town to spend some time with us and got to read to Dane's class which was a big hit for both of them.  Dane has always asked if I would read to his class, but there was just no way I could while Jace is so little and into everything.  So, I was excited when Jackie told me when she was coming and it coincided with a parent reader day! 

Dane's best buddy Liam celebrated his 8th birthday at Little Beakers which is a science lab for kids.  Super fun party!!! The kids had so much fun doing the science experiments.  They got to make slime, fake snow, something similar to a volcano, and do several experiments that involved things blowing up.  It was a big hit for all the boys that were there! 

Jace has an obsession with other people's shoes.  He is constantly putting on flip flops or stomping around in tennis shoes that are way to big for him.  Here he is thinking he's big stuff in Dane's shoes. 

Dane got chosen to paint and carve a pumpkin with his principal.  Everyone that made straight A's on their report card got thrown into a drawing.  Dane won for 2nd Grade. He was over the moon! The office secretary sent me this picture before they got started.  We have a great principal, this is his 2nd year at our school and he is just the best.  He is a great sport and is always trying to do fun stuff with the kids.  
Funny side note... Dane told us that afternoon that when he told the principal that he wanted to make An Aggie pumpkin the principal kept trying to get him to use the orange paint.  Dane said "I kept telling him Aggies are maroon, but he just kept talking about the orange paint".  I cracked up.  It totally went over Dane's head.  Even though his office is covered in that ugly burnt orange color.  :)
The principal is a die hard Longhorn fan, obviously.  Nice Subtle touch there.  HA!

I got this slide off one of the beg barter sites here in Cypress for $15! I was planning on holding onto it for a Christmas present.  But, we had some gorgeous weather for a few days and Kevin talked me into just bringing it out so Jace could enjoy it.  

I hadn't gotten any pictures of Jace in his Halloween shirt, so we ran over to a local church's pumpkin patch while Dane was at school.  I attempted again to get pictures of him in the pumpkins.  He was just on the move and wouldn't sit for longer than a second or two.  E for effort though. 

Well, it was finally time to get Jace's hair cut!!! I waited longer than I did with Dane for a couple reasons.  One Jace's hair is a lot thinner, and he didn't have as much as Dane did when he turned 1.  And Two I was nervous that Jace wouldn't sit still long enough to get it done.  But, he did so good! The lady cutting it was super fast, and she had a lot of personality and was able to keep Jace entertained for the most part.  There were a couple instances that he would duck his head not wanting her to touch it, and get a sad look that he might cry but she would start talking to him and then he would be fine.  

Birthday Madness and Halloween.... stay tuned

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