Thursday, October 1, 2015

FUN RUN 2015

Dane's school had their annual Boosterthon fun run at the end of September.  It's the school's biggest fundraiser.  This year we raised money to give their library a much needed makeover with new furniture and books.  Dane did his part and received generous donations from family and friends, and got prizes a long the way.  The school raised just a ton of money, a little short of $35,000!

Dane did great at the fun run, ran all of his laps and then added in a few bonus victory laps.  All the kids had fun despite it being super hot and humid.  Second grade ran at 12:00, and I have to admit it was the longest hour ever for us parents who were there to watch.  There was no shade, and it was scorching hot. Ugh.  

But, it was a fun day for the kiddos and they raised a ton of money! Another fun run Success!! 

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