Sunday, October 11, 2015

Where did October go???

Where in the world did October go?  It's like I went to bed in September and woke up and it was November.  October was a busy month. I had so many things I was wanting to do this month, but I failed miserably in getting stuff checked off my to-do list and "fun" list.  A lot of things I just never got around to doing, or didn't have time to make it happen.  Now I'm feeling the pressure that the holidays is right around the corner, and I gotta get my act together!

Let's see how much I can post about while Jman sleeps.  

Kevin's school had a little carnival at the beginning of the month to raise money for different student organizations that his students are involved in.  He took Dane for a couple hours while Jace and I relaxed at the house.  Kevin said it was a pretty fun carnival, had lots of games and food and a couple Haunted Houses that Dane loved going through.  

Jace turned 16 months on the 4th.  The biggest thing that happened this month is that he started saying NOOOOOOO and throwing little tantrums!! Uh oh! Yep, if he doesn't like something he will swat his little hand and say no in his angry voice. He can throw a mean crazy tantrum... already.  Lord help me.
He has also started to really like playing with cars, balls and loves board books.

A little brotherly bonding time while Dane plays the wii in the office.  Jace sat there for a good long time right next to him and watched.  

Crazy hair day, and Dane begged for colored hairspray so I obliged.  But, then regretted it.  It took a good week to get all that red out of his hair.  His scalp was dyed bright red for several days, and the hair had a tint of pink after several washes. #blondehairproblems

Jace and I went to a playdate with some moms that have kids that attend Dane's school, and also have younger siblings.  A mom hosted a potluck lunch at her house, and we had a good time chatting while the littles played.  Jace loved the little bounce house.

More baseball fun.

Dane has a teammate who has siblings that absolutely love to play with Jace during the games.  They have been super helpful the last few games because they will talk to him and entertain him the entire time.  There is 2 girls, the oldest not pictured and their little brother who is 3.  On this particular day the little girl asked if she could put Jace and her brother in our wagon and pull them around.  You didn't have to ask me twice.  It kept him entertained and I was able to watch Dane play. She pushed and pulled them around and around for more than half of the game.  Jace loved it and had so much fun.

Who needs toys when you have big boxes to play with? Jace hit the jackpot when I did some online shopping recently for Christmas.

Cy-Woods had their Homecoming parade earlier this month and the boys had the best time.
They ran around with tons of other kids before it started, and then they both enjoyed the parade.  There was loud music being played while the floats drove by which kept Jace's attention the entire time.  He sat in a chair and just stared at everyone as they passed.  I was shocked that he was so still.  Dane accumulated lots of candy which is always fun.  Kevin's students that were on the floats would see Kevin and yell "HEY MR WITTSCHEN", and then would throw out even more candy to Dane.  Dane got the hookup for sure.
We weren't able to go to the homecoming game this year because we were out of town the night they played.

Jace knows what's up... he tried to make a run for the snow cone truck

Jace was all over the place before it got started... he was entertaining all the guests running down the road and laughing.  He's such a cutie.
Stopping for moments to try and remove the reflectors off the street.

The band started with music first, and it was super loud and fun and Jace sat in this chair like this the entire time.  He didn't know what to think.  But, he was intrigued!

Jace loves being outside, so I try and take him to the park fairly often while Dane is at school to let him run around and get out some energy.

Dane had had a busy week with math and science tests, and ended up making 100 on both of them.  So, we celebrated with some Orange Leaf.

Jace loves watching the garbage truck, the recycling truck and our neighbor's lawn guys mow their grass.  He hears the loud noises and runs over to the window to watch.

And this is what happens if you don't have clothes on Jace... he will pull on his diaper, and sometimes can even get it completely off. Hilarious

Lots more of October Madness coming soon!

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