Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Let's talk about Halloween.  

We have always called Jace the Baby Hulk from the minute that he could stand because he is really strong and can tear up stuff in a quick second.  He really is the baby Hulk.  So, when it came time to think about costumes I knew that I needed something that wouldn't require a head piece because no way would he wear it.  I saw this costume on Etsy and loved it and was sold immediately.  Dane got wind that Jace was going to be the baby Hulk and he got a bit jealous and declared that he wanted to be the real Hulk.  Which ended up being super perfect because then we could do a Before and After picture of the Hulks. 

So, there you have it.  Baby Hulk before he rips off his regular clothes and Full Blown crazy Hulk.

We started off Halloween by going to Top Golf for their Putts and Pumpkins event.  We had gone last year and wanted to do it again.  This year it was free, so even better! Dane got to hit some golf balls, play games, get candy, get his face painted etc.  

Jace "decorated" a pumpkin.  He would take the stickers and put them on the pumpkin and then take them off and repeat.  

Dane getting his face painted, and again he picked a skeleton.  Sigh.  

After Top Golf we came home and put Jace down for a nap, Dane washed his face and we relaxed for a few hours.  Then we loaded up and made a quick stop at a church near us to do their fall festival.  It was pretty small, but the boys had fun playing games and getting treats.  We stopped there to waste a little time before heading into Houston to go to First Baptist's Festival.  I have a friend that told me about it, and said it was a lot of fun every year and she was right.  It was a big hit! There was so much to do,  the kids loved it.  Tons of inflatables, games, food, candy stations, rides etc etc.  We spent several hours there and Dane decided he just wanted to stay there and not go trick or treating.  So that's what we did this year.  

Pics at the first festival

Pictures from First Baptist

We had a little Hulk meltdown when we first got there.  I was afraid that he was about to rip off his clothes and become the angry scary Hulk, but we got him to settle down by getting a snack before having fun.  

Dane did the cake walk about 15 times, while Jace pointed to the rewards and begged for cookies.  

After his little meltdown he was fine and super happy again.  

He was so happy to be outside.  He was running all over the place and wanted Kevin to chase him.

Dane rode this ride about 23,876 times in a row.  

More face paint.  This time he wanted an Aggie symbol.  Which I had to google for the lady because she had no idea what that looked liked.  

We figured out a way to keep Dane still... a velcro wall

Jace loved the toddler area, he had so much fun on the baby inflatables.  

Super Fun Halloween with my two Hulks.  

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