Friday, December 18, 2015

10 days of Christmas - 17th

Christmas fun continues...

10th Day of Christmas - Painting a nutcracker

Dane loves doing cheesy crafts, loves to paint and draw etc.  I found this wooden nutcracker for half off at Hobby Lobby for $2, and figured this would be a good easy activity that he could do on a day that we were busy or just not feeling it.  
Dane loved it, but after he did the nutcracker's face we couldn't stop laughing at how jacked up he looked.  Dane was even laughing and kept saying that the nutcracker looked creepy, and that he's not sure what happened.  I'm not sure that he took his time and really tried to do his best.  But, it gave him something Christmasy to do that day.  

Dopey left a sweet message.

11th Day of Christmas
Polar Express Movie night

I baked brownies, threw in some red and green sprinkles to make it somewhat festive and we watched the Polar Express movie. 

Mission #4 was left from Dopey.  Something about these missions coming from Dopey had Dane running to complete it without an ounce of complaining.  He wakes up super early even on weekends.  But, he woke up and saw Dopey's latest request and he cleaned the entire playroom which was mainly all of Jace's mess and cleaned up his room before Kevin and I even woke up.  It was incredible.  And he was so proud of himself, and couldn't wait to show us when we woke up.  Dopey needs to leave these missions all year long.  
Mission complete.

12th Day of Christmas- Friend's Christmas Party

We got invited to a friend's house from Dane's school for a Christmas party.  It was originally suppose to be outside in their backyard with an inflatable huge screen to watch Home Alone 2.  But, that night Mother Nature took over and Cypress had horrible weather even with tornado warnings in the area.  So, the kids watched the movie in the playroom, and we chatted and ate finger foods and had a great time.  

Dopey relaxing and floating.  Life is Good for ol Dopey. 

13 Days of Christmas
Directed Drawing

I found some directed drawings on Pinterest, and we got out the chalk pastels and paper and went to town.  I think they turned out suer cute.  

Dopey lost his creativity this year... lazy day.

14th Day of Christmas
Rudolph Night

Rudolph pancakes, Rudolph cookies and Rudolph movie

Mission #5
Find 3 ways to help your teacher.  

Dane came home and told me all the ways he helped, but my memory isn't being nice to me today.  But, he did it!
Mission complete!

Day 15
RACK service workers
Random Act of Christmas Kindness
The night before Dane helped me make oreo balls, not realizing what the next day card would be.  
Once Dane got home from school we packed up all the goodies and went to deliver them.  Our first stop was the bank where Dane pushed the button and told all the workers Merry Christmas and then sent up lots of goodies bags in the tube.  Then he got out and ran to the next tube to send more.  So fun!  Then we stopped by the post office and dropped off more, then the fire station.  We had some left over so I thought about bringing some to his pedi dr's office for the front desk workers.  
Tis the season!! 

Dopey wasn't thinking when he set up shop on the FLOOR in the playroom.  
Dane was so stressed that Jace was going to get him, so I had to promise that I wouldn't let Jace go in there while Dane was at school.  It made for a long day.  

16th Day of Christmas
Making ornaments

This was kind of a really low key day.  I bought a couple wooden ornaments for Dane to paint and decorate while I cooked dinner.  And I also bought a wooden heart ornament to make a fingerprint ornament of the boy's fingers for my tree.  I didn't get any pictures really.  Dane painted his ornaments, and I totally forgot to snap a picture of them.  The one I made of the boy's fingerprints turned out cute, but it was a big pain to do.  I had to re-paint it twice Jman wasn't very cooperative when putting paint on his thumb.  HA!! 

Dopey doing a little mountain tree climbing

17th Day of Christmas
Kid's Crazy Christmas Show

Our church has a free Christmas show for the kids every year.  It's filled with puppets and music etc.  It's a cute show that they change up every year to add current music and jokes.  Jace only lasted about 10 minutes of it.  I was hoping that the loud music would keep his attention but he was wanting to run out of the aisle and do everything that you wouldn't want a kid to do.  HA! So, Kevin took him out and let him run around in the halls and look at the trains that were set up. 

Dopey chilling on the swing.  

Whew!! I'm getting there.  Still have a lot to blog about.  Stay tuned!

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