Saturday, December 5, 2015

18 months

18 months!!!! 
How did that happen??? Jace turning 18 months blows my mind.  Time is going by so fast. 

A Year and a half.  This little booger is a year and a half years old.  Crazy.  

Let's see if I can come up with some tidbits.  
- He is super busy, always moving, climbing, running etc
- Thinks it's pure torture to have to sit in a high chair or stroller for more than a couple minutes
-Sleeping a little better, sleeps through the night but still an early riser
-Not saying a ton of words, but is able to communicate by pointing at what he wants
-Words he is saying is NO, momma, dada, DAY (Dane), Moo, out, night night, bye
-knows cows say MOOO and lions ROAR
- can point to his noise, hair and eyes
-has 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth, and then the four corners have big teeth in with spaces in between
-can follow lots of commands, and knows what to do when you tell him what to get or find
-is super cuddly and loves to give hugs and kisses
-favorite toys is balls, cars anything that makes noise
-music is his favorite thing in the world, his whole face lights up, he starts dancing and swaying and clapping anytime any kind of music comes on
-loves to hide in cabinets, hide stuff in cabinets
-playing "Where's Jace" and peek a boo are favorites
-loves being outside and running around
-a terrible eater... not only super picky but prefers milk over any kind of food, it's a daily struggle to get him to eat more than a couple bites of anything all day
-Mac and cheese and rice are his favorites Cheesy rice, spanish rice, flavored rice etc
-into everything... super curious and has to be watched all day every day, there is no safe place in the house. He finds a way to get into everything, can break into cabinets etc
-super silly and giggly, really only time he is cranky is if you have him contained where he can't run around or if he is wanting milk.  Milk makes this kid so happy
-Has started wanting to hold spoons or forks with food on it himself

18 month appointment
All was well, healthy and developmentally right where he should be.  

The stats for my records:

At birth- 6 lbs 4 oz 19 3/4 inches long
1 week- 5 lbs 12 oz
2 weeks - 6 lbs 5 oz
Almost 3 months - 12 lbs 10.5 oz 22 3/4 inches long
6 months - 18 lbs 5 oz 26 inches long 
9 months - 21 lbs 5.5 oz 27.5 inches long 
1 year - 21 lbs 14.3 oz  29.5 inches long 
18 months - 24lb 1.7 oz 31.25 inches long 

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