Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 18-23!!

18th Day of Christmas
Elf Movie night

I made snickerdoodle cookies, huge ones on accident and we had peppermint hot chocolate and watched the movie Elf.  We go through a lot of boxes of hot chocolate during the winter months.  If we are watching a movie and it's remotely chilly then Dane wants hot chocolate.  I think hot chocolate is a Christmas staple.  

Dopey doing a little sledding down the banister on his candy cane sled.

19th Day of Christmas
Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

We have done this the past several years, and is a tradition that we love and will continue.  We make cookies to bring, make everyone a to-go hot chocolate drink, bring some paper plates and napkins and stop by Little Ceasar's and grab a $5 pizza to bring with us and then go look at Christmas lights.  I have a list of things that we have to find while looking at lights to make it a little more fun.  This year we still had lots of snickerdoodles left over from the night before so we brought those and chose to go to the Woodlands to see neighborhoods that we have never seen before.  Before we went to the neighborhoods we decided to stop by the mall area and walk around their little street they decorated.  I forgot my printout with the list of things Dane had to find, so I created a list on my phone to use.  We had a fun evening.  Jace loved walking around the streets, and Dane had fun trying to find everything on his list.  We all consumed way too many cookies during our drive.  But, Tis the Season!

Dopey left some donuts for the boys one morning.  He had them hidden in the cabinet underneath our dining table.  It's kind of a big joke in our house because Jace is constantly hiding stuff in it.  You can't find his sippy cup or bottle... look in the cabinet.  You can't find one of your shoes... look in the cabinet.  So it was only appropriate that Dopey hide something there also.  

20th Day of Christmas
The Really Really Big Christmas Show

Our church's main campus in Houston has a show called The Really Really Big Christmas Show every year.  It's a huge show that is similar to something you would see at a cirque de soleil show but with a high tech Christmas story thrown in the mix.  We have never been before this year but decided to check it out.  Dane absolutely loved it!

Dopey arrived with his last mission for Dane for this Christmas season.  He was hiding in Dane's bathroom medicine cabinet but I can't seem to find the picture that I took of him.  
Anyway, Dane jumped at the chance to make us breakfast.  He made his famous toast and powder donuts.  It was delicious.  :)
Mission complete.  

 21st Day of Christmas
Jack Frost Movie

Yes, another movie day for our 25 days of Christmas.  It's how we rolled this year. 
I made Christmas popcorn munch and we watched the movie.  Dane and Jace started out sharing the bowl, but Jace needs more practice with sharing HAHA so I had to end up putting a little bit in a separate bowl for him.  Hilarious.  We had a little Christmas get together we went to this day as well, but I didn't take a single picture! GASP! 

We left to go to Orange and Dopey jumped into the pocket of the back seat of the car.  He didn't want to be left in Cypress and didn't know the way to Orange.   We were so busy with getting all packed up that I didn't take a picture of him.  Dopey was nervous that if he came out of the car and hung out at Granny and Poppy's house that he would accidently get left in Orange.  So, he did what any normal scared Elf would do and just stayed in the car the whole time we were there.  

22nd Day of Christmas
Christmas lights and Christmas with Granny and Poppy

We had plans while in Orange to go on a Christmas stroll through Shangri La, but the weather didn't cooperate and it was pouring that evening. My mom cooked a great meal, and then we let the kids open up their gifts from them. Dane got a kindle fire, and was super pumped about it.  He's over the moon about getting to have his own tablet that he can play games like mine craft and star wars on, and he thinks being able to download free books is just the coolest thing.  Huge hit for sure.  He got a kindle gift card to buy books and games as well.  Jace got a zoo membership which really benefits our whole family, and a little wagon with building blocks that he loves! Later that evening the rain had slowed down, so we went and drove around looking for Christmas lights.  Not many people had theirs out this year, which was a little disappointing, but there is one street in West Orange that never disappoints because the entire street participates.   

Jace wasn't giving up that bottle!

 Jace loves puppy dogs

23rd Day of Christmas
Cousin Christmas Party

The Ellis side of my family didn't get together this year for Christmas, so we decided to have a fun cousin day.  The kids love being together! Decorating gingerbread houses was on the agenda and then playing super hard and loud and running around followed.  We had a great time! I love getting together and spending time with them!

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