Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Days 5-9

Continuing on with Days of Christmas! 

Day 6
Night in Bethlehem

A local church in our area puts on a interactive recreation of the original Christmas story every year.  We went last year, and had a great time and Dane wanted to do it again this year.  It's a great way to learn more about all that took place in Bethlehem, and the true meaning of Christmas.  We walked around and tasted all the treats and soups at the Bakery and Soldier's Tavern, Dane made spices, did some weaving, made a candle and a clay pot, listened to a bible story, talked with the King, sewed a coin bag, and saw the live nativity.  

Dopey was back with his 2nd mission for Dane to complete.  
I wasn't even out of bed when Dane ran into my room and told me I had to get out, that he was about to do something to surprise me.  Then he was so proud of himself. 
Mission Complete.

Day 6
Make and decorate ninja gingerbread cookies

I found this little kit and thought it was perfect.  This was more up Dane's alley than doing regular sugar cookies.  They turned out exactly like the way they look on the box... right?? HA! 

Dopey is a minecraft fan evidently just like every boy in America.  
Check out that bed head

Day 7
Special Breakfast for Dinner

We made french toast and peppermint milk shakes for dinner.  Dane loves anything related to breakfast, and could eat breakfast foods 3 times a day! The peppermint milk shakes are soooo good! 

Dopey left a word search of all Santa's reindeers.  

Day 8
Christmas Game Night

We popped some popcorn and played Christmas Bingo, Christmas memory, and then moved on to Hedbanz which is absolutely hilarious and then we finished the night playing a couple rounds of Monopoly Empire.  

Dopey dropped off Dane's 3rd mission.  He was to bring a drink to a Salvation Army bell ringer after school.  He wanted to bring a hot chocolate, but on this day it was in the 80's so we got a Sonic drink instead.  The lady was very appreciative!
Dane told me that he thinks it's fun to surprise people.  Tis the season to do nice things for others.  

The sun kind of ruined Dane's face in these pics.  He's like the Christmas ghost delivering sonic drinks.  

Day 9
Visit Santa 

We went back to Bass Pro to see Santa and do all the fun activities there at Santa's Wonderland.  We have gone there the last several years, and it's been the same Santa every year.  We were thinking that Jace was going to flip out when we put him on Santa's lap, but he did quite the opposite.  He sat there staring at him before turning to look at us with a sheepish smile and was just as content as he could ever be.  I was a tad disappointed that I didn't get a hysterical screaming Santa pic.  Jace had a blast running around, looking at the fish in the aquarium, watching the trains etc.  Dane had a blast as usual playing with the remote control cars, shooting the arcade games etc.  Fun evening!

Dopey created a ice fort in the freezer.  

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