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November little things

Blogger Slacker Alert!! 

It's almost Christmas, and I haven't posted anything since Halloween!!!  I've been focusing on getting ready for Christmas, because we all know how much I love Christmas.  I don't get too many moments to sit down and blog, it's just super hard when Jace is awake because he is a busy body and gets into EVERYTHING all day long.  And, I've been putting it off so there's that.  

I did a terrible job getting out my real camera in November.  So, 95% of these pictures are little snip its from my cell phone.  Womp Womp.  I wish my cell took better pictures, but at least I got those pics, right?  

Jace turned 17 months on November 4th!!  

Dane had his literacy night at school the beginning of November that included a book fair.  I had already planned on getting him a couple books, but since he had had a great report card his Granny sent some money for him to get a couple more books at the fair.  He was really excited, and picked out a total of 5 books that he wanted.  

The literacy night had activity stations set up around the school for the kids to earn points to get prizes at the end.  Here Dane is filling out a sheet with a list of verbs, nouns, adjectives that were the blanks for a special Madlib that the school created.  It was very cute, and was directly related to his school and staff.  

 Another fun station... it included markers, glitter, glue and a messy wet art project that the parents got to hold the rest of the evening.  Good times. Ahem
 Dane couldn't wait to start reading his new books he got from the fair.  He sat at our table and read till it was bedtime stopping long enough to scarf down dinner.  I love that he loves to read.  

Super Blurry picture but look at that face!!! Putting on our shoes is one of his favorite things to do

Park morning

Brotherly love

This picture cracks me up.  Jace is still obsessed with my fuzzy socks.  He loves to sleep with them, will rub them on his face and hold them tight.  He fell asleep with his sock over his head while drinking some milk before bed while holding the leapster.  Just hilarious. Normally he goes to bed awake, but this night he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.  
Yes, he still drinks out of a bottle for milk.  He'll drink out of sippie cups for juice, but will only drink milk out of a bottle, and if he doesn't have milk before bed he won't sleep through the night.  So, I'm not worrying about it.  He doesn't take a paci, so this is his comfort thing.  You do what works, and this works.  

I thought it was super cute that he put his dry cereal in his little dump truck.  Such a boy thing! Cars go everywhere with him these days.  He loves holding them, and making them roll around.  

Some more brotherly love.  If only these pictures weren't so grainy.  Sigh.  

We headed out to run errands one day and Jace didn't even make it to the first stop.  The silence was golden so I drove through sonic and got myself a Vanilla Dr Pepper and sat in a parking lot listening to music and playing on my phone while he slept.  Nap time was already ruined bc he doesn't stay asleep during a transfer from seat to bed, and I didn't want to wake him up to go into a store because he would have been super grouchy. So, I parked and enjoyed the silence.  

I substituted in Jace's Sunday school class one Sunday and was totally impressed that he sat on the carpet during snack time and did not try to get up while eating his snack.  He did exactly what his teacher had taught the kiddos to do.  I was shocked that he sat there the entire time.  Super cute!

I'm so happy that I kept all of Dane's 100 of cars that he loved when he was little.  Jace now loves them and plays with them all day every day.  It's crazy because Dane nor Kevin never showed him the cars.  He found the bucket one day while playing in the play room and has been obsessed ever since. 

Dane says funny things on the daily. He doesn't even mean to be funny, but he just is.  He's so literal.  Like VERY LITERAL, so he cracks us up.  
I wish I was better with writing down things he says.  I do have a few that I wrote down recently so I don't forget, but I need to be more intentional with it because he says tons of funny stuff. 

One morning we were doing the whole morning routine.  I was wearing this shirt of Kevin's.  
Dane says "WOW!!! Your shirt is really old"
I say "It's your dad's, yes he has had it a long time" 
(I'm thinking he sees how raggedy it is, and Kevin's had it since before we were married)
He says "Um, YEAH it's from 1914"

A couple other funnies

D: "How come when you put on your makeup your eye hairs get bigger?"
me: "Eye Hairs??"
D: "Yes, those eye hairs.. you know the hairs that move when you blink"
me: "eye lashes"
D: "yes, those.  So you WANT them bigger?? Why?? Why would you want them bigger?"
me: "I don't know, girls like their eyelashes to look long"
D: "well, that's weird."

While driving in the car Dane suddenly says
D: "Mom I don't think Jace has grown his knuckles yet.  You know those hard things on your hand? They look like fat dots on his hand"

Doorbell rings. I go open the door and it's a package.  
As I'm walking to my bedroom to put the package away 
D: "How come you keep getting all these package, and you keep saying none are for me.  Then you won't open them.  I feel like you are starting to get fan mail!"

I asked Dane what was going to be on his science test tomorrow.
He shrugs and then says in the most serious voice,
"hmm, probably questions about science"
No kidding.  Captain Obvious
And he really wasn't being a smart butt.  He was dead serious

Dane before his field trip this year.  2nd grade went to Cy Ranch High School to watch a play put on by the theater department.  Dane loved it but the show was much longer than the teachers anticipated.  The show was over  3 hours long, which is like an eternity for a 7 year old.  The kids missed their lunch time which is already super late 12:50 to be exact and ended up getting back to the school super late.  Dane said they were all starving and had to eat their lunch in their classroom instead of going to recess.  And the kids who buy their lunches were given a sack lunch provided by the school.  Craziness.  
 Jace is finally starting to sit still and watch cartoons for a few minutes.  Don't get too crazy... it's only for a few minutes.  If you walk out of the room though to do something productive tv time ends and there he is right under your heels again.  He loves taking the throw and putting it on his lap.  If you sit with him he will watch for longer.  

Dane put some gel in Jace's hair one day and spiked it up.  He looked so funny and cute.  His hair on top was a bit too long really to spike.  For some reason my cell phone makes his hair look red in pictures.  His hair has no strawberry in it unlike Dane's.  Dane's more blonde now, but when he was Jace's age he had more strawberry blonde.  But, Jace's is blondish brownish, no sign of any strawberry.  

We went to Lupe's one night for dinner and I accidentally left my big water glass too close to little hands and he ended up spilling the entire glass on his chest.  His shirt was soaking wet, and I didn't have a replacement.  We had to let him sit without a shirt while we finished dinner, he was not happy that his shirt was soaking wet and cold.  

 Dane got invited to his first sleepover.  His friend invited Dane and 2 other kids to go see the Peanut Movie, walk over to have cookie cake at Nestle's Cafe and then spend the night for his birthday party.  Dane was over the moon excited.  He had a blast!

On the same night that Dane was going to the sleepover a friend of mine gave us two tickets that she wasn't going to be able to use for the Aggie game being played that night.  So, we were able to get a babysitter for Jace and head to College Station.  Our seats were pretty high, and even though the weather channel said it was only 61 degrees, we nearly froze to death.  The wind was so cold, but we still had a great time! It's always a good time at Aggie games!!

I was happy I remembered to pack a blanket because I needed it!! Lots of hot chocolate consumed!

Jace loves going to the playground at Memorial Mall.  He has so much fun, and there's never any big kids during school hours! 

We got the Christmas decor out from the attic right before Thanksgiving.  Guess who loves all the stuffed Santas!

This one and flip flops... any shoes really.  Loves them unless they are his own and then he tries so hard to get them off.  

Guess what he ate for dinner.  

Jace watching Dane walk to the bus stop.  We have a morning ritual... my phone alarm goes off that it's time for Dane to walk to the stop.  Both boys sprint into action.  Dane runs to get his backpack and Jace runs to the front door.  Then we spend about 2 minutes doing hugs and lots of bye bye waves, we open the door and Jace continues to wave and waves and waves, and then we shut the door and he stares out the window and hits the glass over and over until Dane is completely out of his sight.  Then I have to physically remove him from the blinds and we go on about our day. :)

While I was trying to set up this little tree in our formal area and get the tree situated so the skirt would lay correctly Jace came over and did this.  HAHA! 

Kevin's little helper putting lights on the tree

Oh man.  This one and Kevin's office just about put me into a mental institute.  Every time I turned around he was in there on top of the desk messing with his computer or mouse or pencils or important papers.  His office doors are french doors that couldn't be locked, so he could easily just push them open.  Thankfully, I now have a gate blocking the office which has been a life saver for my sanity.  

When Dane came home with this paper at first I was so confused.  I cracked up that he was writing a letter to a snack, and thanking it for being tasty food for him.  I thought that is so weird. Then I continued to read and my eyes got huge and I was soooo confused why he would be wishing the snack had 1000 babies that he could eat.  What in the world.  It took me a good minute to figure it all out.  Then I noticed at the bottom that this letter was suppose to be from a Bald Eagle... and it all made sense.  Snack... Snake... Same thing.  HAHAHAHAAHA  Hilarious

We tried out the new Shack location one evening for dinner.  It's a hole in the wall type place that has "junkyard" type stuff for the kids to play on and yummy burgers!! We liked the new location way better than the older one!! 

More park fun

Jace was all about this puppy.  He kept going up to it and would stand super close.  He loved it until the puppy would jump up on his legs and then he would get a little antsy.  

The first part of Thanksgiving break Kevin flew to New York to visit his parents and go hunting with his dad.  While he was gone Dane and I decorated the Christmas tree after Jace had gone to bed one evening.  
He kept telling me felt special that we waited to do it after Jace was asleep.  He would talk about the ornaments that he thought were special.  

Kevin shot a deer with his first shot he did!! Impressive!!

And just some cuteness

An apology letter from Dane.  He had a bad moment while his dad was gone, and then he felt bad and did this all on his own.  I thought it was a sweet apology.  

This is the life.

Total spur of the moment trip to College Station to meet my friend Tabitha and her family at Santa's Wonderland one night while Kevin was still away in New York.  I had known that her and her sister and their kids were going, but hadn't planned on going until about an hour before she was going to arrive in College Station.  She texted me a question about where to eat dinner in College Station and the next thing I know I'm running around like a crazy person looking for jackets and hats for the boys.  I ended up forgetting my real camera in the hustle.  It was a pretty cold evening, but we had a great time riding in the hayride looking at all the lights, and hanging out in Santa's town.

Our last day without Kevin we had some errands I needed to take care of, so after we finished running around I took the boys to the fun park in Katy and then we went and had pizza at Ci Ci's (Dane's begging request), before heading back home. We watched movies until it was time to head to the airport to pick up Kevin.

More November coming soon

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