Friday, December 11, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Kevin got back from New York pretty late Tuesday evening, and then bright and early Wednesday morning we packed up and headed to Orange to spend a couple days with my family for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed relaxing with Granny and Poppy, getting to see everyone, and the time spent  hanging out with cousins.  Good Food, Good Company, Good Times.  

My cousin is a genius and decided to bring her bounce house to my grandpa's house for the kids on Thanksgiving.  Best decision for sure.  The kids bounced in that thing the entire time we were there, so it wasn't as crazy inside the house as it usually is.  The big kids sat outside and ate their lunch, and played and bounced and had the best time together.  Jace and Jack got to have some fun as well.  
It was a great Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for.  

The Fabulous five the day before Thanksgiving.  Love this crew.  

The boys making a wish on the wish bone.  Sadly, the Baby Hulk aka Jace got the big end and Dane was pretty bitter about it.  

The dogs waiting patiently for those chunky hands to drop some food.  

Only thing Jace would eat was mac and cheese... I tried sneaking in some turkey but he is his mother's child.  :)

Lots of pictures of the 7 coolest kids around having fun in the bounce house.  
Cousins make the best friends.

 We tried sooooooo hard to get a picture of all 7 together.  HA!!! 

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