Thursday, January 28, 2016


Here we are already at the end of January.  
January is probably my least favorite month of the year... except for the last day of the month which is Dane's birthday.  But other than that January is a bit of a downer month for me.  The month is filled with dreary cold and rainy days, which keeps us indoors for the most part.  My calendar is usually pretty empty after the holiday hustle and bustle making it a slow and boring month.  So, this January was no different.  After school started back it took us a couple days to get back into the swing of things.  But, we have just been hanging out, it's been super low key.  Not a whole lot is going on.  Dane has been looking forward to his 8th birthday which is coming up this weekend.  

Here's some pictures from the last couple weeks.  As you can see we haven't done much since school got back into session.  

There is a neighborhood near us that has a huge area to walk/run around a lake.  Dane loves going there to ride his bike.  Sometimes when the weather is nice I take Jace and push him in his stroller.  This day I was feeling brave and we walked around some of the lake with no stroller.  Jace thought he was big stuff.  He loved seeing a puppy dog, and if I would have let him he would have walked right up the fence and put his fingers in to pet him.  But, the dog was going nuts barking, so we stayed on the side walk.  He was also intrigued by all the turtles and ducks that we saw.  

This is how we survive grocery shopping.  We stop by the bakery before we get going and get Jace a big cookie.  It helps keep him busy for about half of the time we are shopping.  He's not a fan of being in this seat for too long.  So, I am usually pretty organized with my list and I'm speed walking down the aisles.  I'm sure I look like I'm on quite the mission.  Don't talk to me, leave me alone so I can get my groceries and get in and out without a full on epic meltdown.  

Another trip to the zoo.  This time during school hours with some mom friends.  We all kept it hush hush from the big kids who were busy at school.  This day ended up being a gorgeous sunny day, so I was so happy to get out of the house for a few hours.  

I woke up one morning feeling like crap and that my head was going to explode.  Jace woke up running a low grade fever and not feeling his best either.  I think his was due from a big ol tooth coming in,  mine was a head cold.  But, it took all I had to do anything productive that day.  Most of the day was spent watching Chuggington episodes and laying on the couch.  Jace was actually not himself so laid like this most of the day when he was awake.  

Jace watching cookies bake.  He kept saying hmmmmm hmmmm Gum Gum Gum.  Which is his way to say some or want some.  

The first Sunday in January our church had a spiritual birthday party after church for all the kids who had been baptized in 2015.  They had pizza cake and ice cream for the kids, and they got to open a little gift which was a canvas with a scripture on it and their baptism date.  Super fun way to celebrate their baptism. Jace was all over the place so I didn't get pictures except for this one. 

Last Saturday the Astros had their fanfest which was a ton of fun.  We have never been before this year, but heard about it and decided to check it out.  It's a free event where you get to meet players and do a bunch of free activities.  We got to go onto the field, check out the dug outs, run the bases etc.  Jace kind of threw an epic meltdown when we let him "run" the bases.  He wanted to run the opposite direction and then decided to lay down when Dane tried to get him to go with him.  Kevin ended up having to run out there and carry him while he screamed.  Hilarious really.  But, other than that it was a fun event.  We saw players from a far, the lines to meet them were super long so we just waved and went to the other stuff.  Dane got to stand in front of a green screen and hold a bat used from the professionals and take a picture that was turned into a baseball card.  I didn't scan the actual picture, but just imagine the green screen being the Astro stadium and Dane batting in front of a million fans.  HA! There was lots of kid activities and things to do.  We had a good time, and it was fun to see everything up close and personal.  

And that's it for January.  Seriously we haven't done hardly anything.  This weekend will be fun.  We are having Dane's birthday party Saturday, and then Sunday letting him pick where we are eating and what we are doing for his birthday! He is really excited and has been counting down since Christmas!