Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015!!


Our Christmas started off super early as I mentioned before.  Dane ran into our room at 3:15 screaming and so excited only to be sent back to bed, and then again 30 minutes later.  We were all up by 6:00 and Dane was not going to wait a second longer! Whew, we all needed a good long nap by early afternoon, but it was really a great relaxing day.  Dane couldn't sleep and was so stoked about the day.  He loved loved loved everything that he got from Santa, from us and from family.  I love that he gives great reactions when opening up gifts and is truly so excited with each gift.  Jace was super happy all day as well, he didn't really understand what was going on, but he loved his new things too.  We enjoyed a big yummy breakfast and mimosas and then we skyped with Kevin's parents so they could watch the kids open up the gifts they got them.  We spent the day playing with all of the new toys, relaxed and watched Christmas movies and just enjoyed the day.  It was a great Christmas! 

Santa brought each of the boys a glass coke bottle with their names on it.  Dane has been bummed before that he could never find his name on a coke bottle, so Santa thought this would be a perfect stocking stuffer and was able to get custom ones made online on cute glass bottles.  Dane thought it was awesome! 

Jace thought the razor 360 that Santa left for Dane was really for him.  He sat in the seat probably half of the morning, and would get upset when Dane would try and sit in it.  It was hilarious.  He was all about messing with Dane's gifts, of course.  

Jace didn't know what to do.  The entire Christmas season we spent telling him no over and over when he would touch the tree, ornaments or gifts.  Then we expected him to open gifts on Christmas morning.  HA!

When we were in College Station not to long ago we stopped in a bookstore and Dane saw a deck of Aggie playing cards and wanted me to buy them.  I didn't! So, Santa remembered and thought it would make a good stocking stuffer.  

Other stocking stuffers that were hits were book marks and magnetic clips because we are always looking for loose paper to put in his books and eraser caps because it seems like we are always looking for a pencil with an eraser!! I love that he loves to read and write.

Jace spent most of the morning checking out and messing with Dane's pile of gifts.  It's like he just knew that it wasn't his, so more of a reason to play with it.  Dane was good about it though and didn't get mad at him.  

Santa also brought a rainbow loom kit and bags of extra bands which as you can see Dane was not upset about.  :)  He has had so many friends make him bracelets, he has always wanted a kit.  I finally bite the bullet, I mean Santa and decided to get him one.  It's actually a lot easier to make the rubber band bracelets than I had thought it would be.  We might have spent lots of hours making them over the Christmas break! 

Jace just hanging out in his new chair.  HAHA!

Dane is always fighting me for my soft throw, so Santa found a super super soft star wars one and again Dane was excited!

And this is the face of a kid who got a PS3. 

My sweet little guy just hanging out in the chair while Dane tore threw his gifts.  He was so content sitting in it!

Mine Craft PS3 game.. Christmas is made!

Mine craft mini figures make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Seriously cheesing in the chair.  LOL!! I think I got 100 pics from Christmas morning with him happy as can be in the razor seat. 

We had to help him with his gifts, but digging in his stocking was something he perfected! 

Bouncy Balls that light up was all he needed!! They still get used all day every day.  He loves bouncing balls around the house.  

Once we got Jace in the trampoline and he figured out what you do in it he didn't want to get out.  

My niece Lauren spent the holiday with us which was awesome.  Poor teenager had to get up super early.  I'm surprised Dane didn't wake her up at 3:15 when he went screaming.  But, she didn't get off the hook.  He busted into her room at 6 and made her come downstairs too.  She got a lot of clothes, phone stuff, money, jewelry etc from us and my mom.  

We got Dane a hammock chair that can be hung up in his room to read or play his kindle in.  Not something that he asked for, but I saw it and thought he needed a comfy place to to read or play games.  

Dane is an old soul sometimes.  He loves this CLUE movie, and was sad recently that he couldn't find it on netflix or hulu.  So, this was Jace's gift to him.  He was pumped, and has watched it about 15 times since Christmas.  

Jace playing with empty boxes... his favorite gifts.  HA!

Books made the list!

Playing with the wrapping paper.  

Cute scarves and shirts to go with them, hoodies with bling for this girl

Finally Jace's turn.  Dane had to help him with most of his.  He loved this truck that Santa brought that came with little cars that could ride on the truck. 

Super cute baby remote control car is a huge hit! The sounds are very annoying and hard to tune out, but Jace loves it!!

Relaxing in the trampoline

Being super silly

Dane and Jace got some great things from their Grandma and Grandpa.  We skyped and had the ipad facing the kids so they could watch them open gifts.  
 Super cool puzzle
 Jace just wanted to sit on the gifts. 

Mine Craft books!

And the big finally... Mine Craft movie maker.  He was super excited!!!! 

Kevin's Aunt Barby sent Dane a how-to make paper airplanes book, which was pretty cool.  

And Kevin's Grandmother in New Orleans sent money for me to get the kids some clothes.  

Jace loved this little wooden book that he got.  He saw the cows and started making the mooooo sound.  

 He just wanted to play with the book, so Dane had to help open the rest.  Super cute puzzles from Grandma and Grandpa, which since Christmas has become a big hit!! He is really loving them.  

A cute sticker activity set from Aunt Barby.   Lots of clothes from Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma, but didn't get a picture.  

Dare Devil

Took the razor out for a spin in the neighborhood, and then later that afternoon we took Dane over to a school so he would have a big empty parking lot to ride in.  It's super fun, Dane loves it.  It's like riding a big wheel, but it goes super fast and will spin around 360 degrees while you are riding, and can make sparks on the ground which is an added bonus.  Santa did good with this little surprise... not something Dane asked for, but he loves it!! 

More trampoline cuteness! 

A fun successful Christmas

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