Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

We had a very low key Valentine's Day this year.  Kevin and I promised each other NO GIFTS since we are taking a trip in less than a month, and need to save our money for that.  We went to church like normal and then picked up some Gringos to-go food on the way home so we didn't have to deal with the crowds.  I gave the kids their v-day gifts once we got home and that was pretty much it.  I did make some Pink cookies for the day, but we didn't do anything spectacular.  

 On Friday Dane brought his 2 teachers a little v-day gift.  

I loved Jace's v-shirt this year. So cute so he wore it a ton in February.  
Excuse his bo-bo face.  I think he has three different injuries all on that sweet face.  A big ol gash next to his right eye and cheek from hitting the coffee table corner, a big goose egg under that hair from a fall, and a gash above his left eye that I can't remember exactly what happened.  

Dane with his valentines from his classmates. 

I mustache you a question?? Will you be my valentine??
 pink cookies for the day

 Reese's peanut butter hearts and lego dimensions is the way to this kid's heart

 He always gives me the best reactions when opening gifts.  

 And these 2 pics are what you get when you try and make a toddler sit on the couch when it's not his idea.  Terrible Twos... but not Two!

 Little man got a pack of cars and dinosaur plates.  He loved the cars, as always.  
The plates were a practical gift because we needed some more plates that couldn't be broken when thrown on the ground.  ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

20 months!

20 months for the little guy on the 4th!! Whew!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up.  Tears my heart up to pieces!! :(

The big thing for this month is that when he turned 20 months we went cold turkey on the bottles... finally!! Yes, I know we were way late but he was finally sleeping good at night and the having a bottle full of milk is what helped.  So, I didn't want to screw that up.  
But, taking him off the bottle didn't go well.  He saw the bottle as his comfort.  Even though he would drink juice out of a sippie cup he wanted nothing to do with drinking milk out of a sippie cup.  And guess what he still won't drink milk now.  He refuses to drink milk if it's in a cup. He will take a sip and immediately throw the cup and get mad.  He has boycotted milk, wants juice all the time now.  His pedi dr told me that lots of babies go on a milk strike and as long as he is getting calcium in other things to not worry about it! 

Jace loves wagon rides and being outside.  We take him for rides a lot when Dane is around the corner playing with friends so we can spy on him and make sure he is where he should be! Jace loves it when he spots him!

This is the month that he really got obsessed with watching Chuggington.  He will sit still for the whole show, loves watching the trains and will point to the tv and whine until you turn it on.  No other cartoon holds his attention as long.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dane turns 8!

  I am officially a mom of an 8 year old.  Hard to believe that the years go by so fast.  It's mind blowing thinking about it.  Dane has been looking forward to his birthday since his last birthday.  

His birthday ended up on a Sunday this year, so we celebrated the entire weekend.  Because why not?? He woke up Friday morning giddy and busting at the seams with excitement.  He was beyond pumped that he would get to say his name on the morning announcements at school, and that he would get a birthday certificate and extra super stars.  It's the little things that make his world go round.  He was beaming that it was his birthday weekend.  I had plans to bring him lunch that day, but last minute I decided to check him out a couple hours early.  He only missed lunch, PE and recess so no big deal!  He was beyond thrilled, and was surprised that he got to go home! He chose fine dining for his birthday lunch... McDonalds.  :) 

When Kevin got home from work we continued with the celebration and had dinner at Gringos.  We told Dane "it's your birthday you can order whatever you want"... he picked his usual queso and cheese quesadillas. :) We got the waiters to sing to him which he thought was the greatest thing ever.  I was disappointed that they didn't have a sombrero for him to wear.  HA! 

Saturday was Dane's party.  He had a rolling skating party this year, and he had a blast! He had never been roller skating before, but he was super pumped to do it.  And then we had to basically drag him off the rink when we were ready to leave, he was having so much fun. We stayed a couple hours after his party ended and let him and the friends who stuck around skate some more.  I think all of Dane's friends who attended the party had a great time.  Dane started off hanging on the wall, but after about 30 minutes or so he started getting the hang of it and would venture out in the middle.  He was a sweaty mess.  I have so many childhood memories of skating at the Orange Roller rink.  I had several birthday parties there as well, so it was just great seeing him in skates having as much fun as I remembered having as a kid.  
It was one of the easiest parties I've ever had to throw.  The skating rink took care of the food and the plates and utensils. I didn't bother with any decorations, because all Dane cared about was skating with his friends.  All I had to do was bring a cake.  I asked Dane what type of cake he wanted thinking he would have a theme in mind, or a cookie cake or something to that extent but he said chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.  Well, alrighty then.  Super Easy and CHEAP! So, I made boxed cupcakes, and Dane was just as happy as he could be.  
Super fun party to celebrate turning 8!

 Attempting a group shot... but getting all 6 of them up on their feet was a task! HAHA!!

 This one loved the cupcakes! 

Sunday I made him chocolate chip pancakes and then we  had plans to let Dane pick something fun to do, but all he really wanted to do for his birthday was get a pizza from Little Caesars, run by Target to spend his birthday money, and then play with all his new stuff all day! So, that's what we did!! He opened up his birthday gifts from us and declared the weekend the best birthday ever!