Thursday, February 11, 2016

20 months!

20 months for the little guy on the 4th!! Whew!!! I can't believe how fast he is growing up.  Tears my heart up to pieces!! :(

The big thing for this month is that when he turned 20 months we went cold turkey on the bottles... finally!! Yes, I know we were way late but he was finally sleeping good at night and the having a bottle full of milk is what helped.  So, I didn't want to screw that up.  
But, taking him off the bottle didn't go well.  He saw the bottle as his comfort.  Even though he would drink juice out of a sippie cup he wanted nothing to do with drinking milk out of a sippie cup.  And guess what he still won't drink milk now.  He refuses to drink milk if it's in a cup. He will take a sip and immediately throw the cup and get mad.  He has boycotted milk, wants juice all the time now.  His pedi dr told me that lots of babies go on a milk strike and as long as he is getting calcium in other things to not worry about it! 

Jace loves wagon rides and being outside.  We take him for rides a lot when Dane is around the corner playing with friends so we can spy on him and make sure he is where he should be! Jace loves it when he spots him!

This is the month that he really got obsessed with watching Chuggington.  He will sit still for the whole show, loves watching the trains and will point to the tv and whine until you turn it on.  No other cartoon holds his attention as long.  

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