Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good Friday

I know that I have totally skipped over February and most of March on here.  I plan on going back and back-dating some posts to get me caught up when I get a free minute.  But, our trip to California and Easter were fresh on my mind so I decided to do these first! 

We had a great Easter weekend.  Everyone was off Good Friday so that morning we loaded up and headed to Orange for a day of fun with family.  We all gathered at my aunt's house and had our annual Easter egg hunt, and this year we got a little brave and had confetti eggs as well for the kiddos.  Just a tip... use the side of the confetti egg so you don't crack your friend's head and not the egg.  HA! Whew.  I let Dane hit me with one, the egg never cracked but I swear it felt like he was hitting my head with a brick.  Good Lord those can hurt if they aren't at the right angle.  Anywho, we had a great time catching up with everyone.  The kids enjoyed getting to spend the day together.  
We hid all the eggs for the big kids and put out some special "baby" eggs in the front for Jace and Jack.  Those eggs were filled with animal crackers, oatmeal cookies and goldfish.  As soon as Jace realized that he could open the egg and there would be a snack in it it was game over.  :) Jack and Jace were so cute.  They spent the whole time putting eggs in their baskets and taking them out, and putting them back in their basket and dumping them out etc and eating all the snacks they could get their hands on.  The big kids were more competitive in trying to find their eggs filled with candy.  Fun day with cousins! 

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