Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Fun

Saturday we went to an Easter Festival at the church that Jace will be attending Mother's Day Out in the fall.  It was beautiful weather so it was great to be spending some time outside.  The boys played cheesy games to win candy, played in a fire truck, ate snow cones, we had a great lunch from a food truck and then they each had a separate egg hunt to do.  Jace was a pro this go round.  He would pick up an egg, crack it open and throw it in the basket before getting another egg.  The church was smart with the toddler hunt, the baby snacks were in little baggies in the eggs so the kids weren't able to open and eat while hunting the eggs.  Dane saw tons of friends from school so that made the event even more fun.  There was an Easter Bunny that we got a picture with... not the real one obviously as Dane stated loudly ever chance he got.  Jace did not like the bunny one bit.  I had taken him to Bass Pro a couple days earlier, and he cried so I was hoping that if Dane was with him he wouldn't freak out this time.  HAHA!!! Oh Man! did he freak out.  Hilarious.  

Dane got his face painted... He chose A&M on one side which didn't surprise us.  Then he told the lady he wanted the number 22 on the other side.  Kevin said don't you mean 12 (12th man), and he said nope, 22.  He said he just liked that number and wanted that.  So random, but whatever floats your boat! 

The Easter Bunny Pics from Bass Pro

He was all happy...

 Checking out the Easter Bunny.  Even gave a wave and a hi
He was not happy.  Check out his angry eyebrows

So I think it's fair to say that Jace isn't a fan of the Easter Bunny. 

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