Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February little things

We didn't have much going on in February.  It was a low key month.  We took a break from fall baseball, so our Saturdays have been pretty empty except for Dane's golf lessons.  I was a slacker and didn't get my real camera out much, which I always beat myself up for later on.   Kevin was teaching a night class on Mondays downtown, and an online class as well so he was busier than the rest of us with work.  

Here's a look into my cell phone in February.  

 His hair was outta control.

 still cute though

 Fun at Chickfil-a

 always lining those cars up

 Dane's head makes a perfect road, and his arm is a great spot to hold your drink
 This boy loves rice and ground beef

 loves the bye bye buggie at church.

 Where's Jace
 last bottle for the little dude.  Went cold turkey the next day
grocery shopping fun

 Heart biscuit from chickfil-a for V-day

 Lunch at school with Dane and his friend Liam

 He spotted Dane and this was his reaction!

 We spent a day at the hospital for Poppy's surgery.  We brought tons of toys and snacks to help entertain the little man.  Waiting Room takeover.
 Fun at Ikea... figuring out where we need to go

 Ikea beds were so much fun
 I took Dane and his friend Chris to the zoo on President's Day.  Dane was out of school but it was a teacher workday for Kevin.  The boys had a blast.  Spent most of the time researching the maps.

 There was an exhibit with under the sea creatures all made from recycled material.  Pretty neat.

 Dane's social studies teacher sent me this picture of Dane standing by their class's George Washington project.  Dane was super proud of his Washington that he made.
 Golf lessons started back up, and Dane has really had fun and has learned quite a bit about golf.  He loves playing.

 Another picture from his teacher of him and classmates doing some research.
 Jace will only eat the meat and will pick out all the pasta.  Craziness.
 if you go through a drive through Jace knows it and will immediately start whining and throwing his hand back there waiting for you to hand him something.
Letting Jace play in the kid section at Barnes and Nobles while Dane browses the books.  He got a gift card for his birthday, so was eager to cash it in.

 sweet brothers
 Time to get Jace's hair cut.  He looked so much older after his hair was cut super short.

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