Wednesday, March 30, 2016


He Has Risen Indeed!

Easter Sunday was a good relaxing day.  We fixed a special breakfast and then went to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, had Easter lunch at a new restaurant close by, and spent some time playing outside and then relaxed at home most of the afternoon. We had a visit from the Easter Bunny which is always a special treat.  Dane is notorious for waking up at the crack of dawn on holidays... remember him busting in our room at 3:30 on Christmas morning.  So, we told him that he couldn't come downstairs until 7:00.  I kid you not he was standing at my bed at 7:01.  He makes me laugh.  Jace didn't know what the fuss was all about, so he actually slept in which is unlike him.  
The Easter Bunny brought some fun things for the kids, both were super happy.  

 Kevin, the Easter Bunny's assistant found a game at Game stop for $3 that he would be able to play with Dane.  He is always wanting Kevin to play video games with him, so he found one that was a 2 player.  Dane loves it!

 The bunny brought some books from my childhood.  How to Eat Fried Worms, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, and Freckle Juice.  Remember those??  

 Silly String for the win!

 Of Course a Chocolate bunny... butterfinger one, Dane's favorite!

 This is when things got a little iffy.  Dane pulls out his new bathing suit and says "Hey this is the suit that you texted a picture of to Dad".  wait what? I start scrambling.  "I didn't send a picture to dad".  Dane says "yes you did, you sent 2 different bathing suits, and Dad told me to pick which one I liked best".  GRRRRR.  I stuck with my story that I wasn't the one who sent pictures to Dad.  Maybe the Easter Bunny sent those pictures??
I sent those pictures to Kevin because I couldn't decide which one to get, I had no idea that Kevin would show the pictures to Dane.  Men.  Kevin said later quietly "I didn't realize those were going in the basket, I though you wanted Dane to decide which one he liked".  SIGH.  

 The Bunny hid some easter eggs around the house for Dane.  He found money in a few, and pieces to a little game that was left, and some candy.

 The watch was a necessity for when he goes around the corner to play with friends.  We always have to go walk around to get him, now we can tell him a time to be home! Dane loves it! 

 Lego Dimensions... you always win

 Jace was just as excited to dig through his basket when he finally woke up!

 Chuggington trains!!! He carries them around everywhere he goes now.  Obsessed!

 Little trains were in his Easter eggs

 He got some puzzles too!! He loves puzzles!! 

At church with my fellas
 So handsome!

Jace wasn't super thrilled with taking pictures at church.  I did bribe him with m&ms to get one shot at home

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