Thursday, March 31, 2016

Misc in March

The three weeks leading up to our trip and spring break were so insanely busy for me.  I had so much going on that by the time school ended on that Friday starting spring break I was so exhausted and so so so ready to get out of town for a few days.  I'm involved in a few committees at Dane's school and they all seemed to collide those last few weeks before spring break making for some super busy and overwhelming weeks.  I had a teacher luncheon to put together which involved meetings at the school, begging for donations from parents, finding decorations, visits to several restaurants for catering on certain food items that couldn't be donated, setting it up and going to the school several times the day of the luncheon to refill food etc.  I had to take care of all this myself because the other girl on the hospitality committee had to quit due to getting a real job. No hard feelings, because she had a legitimate excuse, but man it was rough doing it alone. Home room mom duties were in full force begging parents for donations for the spring festival, getting and putting together a basket from our class for the festival auction, and decorating the school for the festival.  The spring festival was on the same day as the teacher luncheon, so that was fun.  
And on top of that it was time to get the yearbook made and submit it to the company.  Homeroom moms and teachers were asked to submit pictures from their classes, but unfortunately we did not get many pictures.  So, we spent hours and hours at the school taking pictures of EACH class, the staff, PE, music, art, library etc.  And then we created each page of the yearbook using a software program.  After the yearbook was "complete" there was a long process that occurred before it could be submitted which involved printing out proofs for the teachers to look over and evaluate for mistakes.  Then each page had to be reviewed by the company to make sure that parameters and borders etc were correct.  
Needless to say it was a crazy couple weeks that had me second guessing why I had signed up for so much at the beginning of the year.  Next year I do not plan on being homeroom mom.  It's a lot of work that goes into it and you spend most of the time begging parents to donate.  
And on top of the school stuff I was working at my church on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights and Kevin was teaching downtown on Mondays and teaching an online class as well.  

Those first couple weeks were a blur.  Then we had our trip, which was great came back and had a short week of school because of Good Friday.  
We have been dragging this week, I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things.  
And it's the end of March.  Hard to believe that we will be in April tomorrow.  Where did this month go??

Here's some little things from this month that were the bookends of our trip and Easter.

My little leprechauns 
 Outlet mall shopping with this one... which means taking a break from the stroller at the playground

 Dane and his buddy Landon at church
 Dane's Wednesday night group at church had a derby car race.  The kids got to build their car and then race them on a high tech machine.  Dane loved it!

 I love getting pictures at random time during the day from Dane's teacher. 
 A little train ride after suffering through a Walmart trip.
 Lunch with Dane is always an exciting time.  

Spring Festival at Dane's school was fun for both boys.  

 Check out Dane's eye.  Everything was fine one minute and then the next he turned around and it looked like this.  I think it's allergies, but whoa.  It really got swollen at the festival.  He didn't seem bothered by it.  But, I was shocked at how swollen it gotten.  It went down after he took a shower and some claritin.  

A few pictures from when Jackie and Barry were here and watched the boys while we were away on our trip.  

 This picture cracks me up!!! Squishy nose!! 
 my sweet sweet adorable boy

 Dane was obsessed with this toy when we were in Orange at my aunt's house.  This picture reminds me of those 3D ultrasounds.  HAHA
 Lining up his cars all day and everyday

playdate fun with some friends

The Easter Bunny brought some silly string for Dane and Kevin to have a war.  Quality time doing fun things is Dane's love language.

 And because he is just too cute

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