Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Napa/ San Fran Day 3

 We spent the morning of Day 3 relaxing in our hotel room.  You would think that we would have been able to sleep in while on vacation, but I was never able to adjust to being 2hrs behind Houston time.  I would find myself feeling exhausted come 9:00 at night, which is really 11:00 for us.  And then I would wake up around 5:30 San Francisco time every morning.  Disappointing, but I'm an early riser and can't seem to shut my mind off in the mornings.  We had breakfast delivered again, and we just hung out for a few hours being lazy and watching tv.

Once we finally got moving we headed over to the hotel spa and got a couples massage.  Funny side story... on our one year anniversary we went to Austin for a weekend and Kevin got his first massage while on the that trip.  The lady who was giving his massage talked to him the entire time, and kept asking him weird questions like do you like your scapula to be stretched?   Kevin had no idea what a scapula was, so he told her he wasn't sure.  I remember laying there trying to relax and not bust out laughing while she talked on and on about his scapula bone.  It was so random and funny, but also annoying.  He hasn't had a massage since, so we could only hope for a better experience this time.  
The massages went well, it was relaxing and a much better experience for him.   

After our massages we went back to the hotel and got ready for the day.  We stopped by the Vintage Sweet shop next to our hotel and loaded up on some treats for our drive back to San Fran.  Yum!

Before leaving Napa we stopped by Sterling Vineyard for one last stop before heading to San Francisco.  The drive leading to the winery was beautiful.  Amazing place!

This was outside the winery.  I guess seeing Napa isn't enough... now Kevin wants to visit wineries in France.  Count me in!

We had to take a gondola up to the winery.  The views were incredible.  

This winery had several levels and a wine tasting station at each floor.  

We spent a while at Sterling's before leaving town and heading into San Francisco.  
Once again... beautiful scenery.  I wish I could have bottled how pretty it is there and bring it to Houston.  

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge

Our first stop in San Fran was the Landing Trails which used to be where the Sutro Baths were located back in the day.  Again.  Beautiful
We didn't want to leave this stop.  We walked all around, and just stared at the view for quite a while.  It was breathtaking.  We came to San Fran several years ago and did a lot of the touristy things already, so we tried to find stuff to do that we hadn't done already.  I'm so happy we found out about this place.  It was Gorgeous.  We had perfect weather our first four days.  It was beautiful and sunny and in the low 60's during the day.  Our last day we had an overcast and really cloudy day which made it even colder.  

Then we went to this area that has a mosaic stair case that leads to incredible views of the city.  These pictures don't do it justice with how steep these stairs were.  I only made it halfway and thought my legs were going to fall off.  Still great views from the halfway point.  Kevin conquered all of the steps and made it to the top.  The stairs went on and on at a steep incline, so hard to see it in the picture.  You can spot Kevin at the very top... he's the white dot at the very top.  My legs were so sore after we did this.  I don't know how the locals walk those steep hills everyday.  San Fran has some serious steep hills.  

It was a day of views.  After we finished with the stairs we drove over to the De Young Museum and went to the observation deck on the top floor and looked at the city from there.  

We had dinner at Fisherman's Wharf and then walked around and got souvenirs for the boys.  It was low key, and we were feeling tired from all the walking that we had done.  For the next two nights we decided to stay about twenty minutes from San Fran in Half Moon Bay.  We had a hotel with an ocean view and it was so relaxing.  We took advantage of their hot tub in the evenings and slept with the screen door open so we could hear the waves at night.  

The hot tub felt great with it being chilly outside, and it helped with my sore muscles!

The views from our hotel porch at night and in the mornings.  Beautiful!

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