Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cypress Flood

April showers brings May flowers...

Well, I hope that's that case with the amount of rain that our area has received.  
Cypress and surrounding areas had flooding so bad that schools were out for an entire week!! We went to bed on Sunday and laid awake for hours listening to the scary thunderstorm and woke up to our street flooded the first time since we have lived here.  Water was over our curb, but thankfully never went any higher which is not what some neighborhoods could say.  And by Tuesday the water on our street had receded for the most part. School was first canceled for that Monday, and images of surrounding areas that were flooded started showing up all over the news and social media and it was seriously the craziest and mind blowing thing we have experienced while living here.  The water kept rising in several areas, homes were being flooded, streets completely shut down.  Our neighborhood was ok, but so many couldn't say the same.  The first couple days we weren't able to go anywhere.  Streets all around us were shut down due to flooding, and every business was shut down.  Grocery stores near us had lost power, and were functioning on very short staff.  Since their power had gone out they weren't selling anything that was in the cold or freezer section.  It was an erry thing.  By the middle of the week it was no longer raining, it was actually beautiful outside but we had no school and businesses were all closed due to people still being stuck in their homes or no way to drive in their areas with the amount of water.  
We did get pretty stir crazy, and were ready to lose our minds when we got word that school would be canceled the entire week.  I think the worst part was not all being home for so long together, but knowing that there was no where that you could actually go.  But, at the same time I felt guilty that so many people had lost so much, had a feet of water in their homes, so we tried hard to keep the complaining to a minimum.  

Lowes is super close to us, and was open a couple days in so Kevin took full advantage of the time off and built a sand box and picnic table for our backyard.  Jace played in the sprinklers, and we went for ice cream twice at a new shop that is right around the corner from our house.  On that Friday we were able to venture out a little farther so I took Dane to see a movie and we burnt off some energy at a dry park.  Oh, and when HEB finally opened up I took Jace in for a much needed haircut.  

We survived the 2016 Cypress flood!! 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

April beginnings

April was a low key month with not much going on other than the normal routine of daily life.  

Here's a peek into the first couple weeks of April...

We celebrated Dane making all A's for the 3rd semester with a treat of his choice.  He wanted an icee from Target.  

We went to a German festival in Tomball.  It was insanely packed so my nerves were a little shot.  I don't do well in huge crowds when I have my kids with me.  I'm terrified that I'm going to turn around for a second and then lose them. So, I didn't get many pictures, because I had a death grip on Dane and Kevin and I took turns holding Jace because he wouldn't cooperate in his stroller.   Kevin enjoyed some german food, while Dane rode a few rides and played a couple games.  I rode the tilt-awhirl with him once.  I used to love that ride growing up, but I'm old now and one ride had me super dizzy and wanting to hurl. HA! Jace's favorite part was when we came up to a pen full of puppies that were hoping to be adopted.  He loves puppies!  

A whole slew of pictures of Jace hanging out different days while Dane was at school.  His hair was still a hot mess. 

Lunch dates at Dane's school is always a good time.  

This picture cracked me up with Jace being silly and Dane not camera ready. 
 Sweet brotherly love

Jace learned how to turn doorknobs, so that was fun.  We now have covers for most of our doors now. 

More Jace cuteness

Dane has turned into an excellent reader.  He found this book in Kevin's office and wanted to read it.  He loved the story line, the symbolism about Jesus in this book was a little over his head but it was a good read for him.  

Jace loving the baby chair at church. He was in my class on Tuesday mornings when I worked for our church. 

Silly Jace

Dane learned all about culture and heritage in his social studies class.  He had to do a short presentation and bring an item from home that he could show the class.  Dane talked about his great great grandpa who came over from Germany to Ellis Island, and wore this super silly apron from a German festival that we had from Kevin's dad.  The apron showed attire and food and drinks from that country.  He was a little confused and told his teacher that since his dad was German he used to wear this apron when he was little.  His teacher laughed and laughed when she told me.  She sent me a picture of him and a video talking to the class.  It was a super fun way for the kids to learn about heritage.  

I found this little gem in Dane's backpack.  2nd grade and it's already starting.  

And more Jace.