Saturday, May 28, 2016

2nd Grade Field Day

Another Field Day in the books!! 

It was suppose to be a few months ago, but got rained out twice.  We were all so happy that we made it through with no rain, unfortunately it was beyond humid and hot and we were all dying! Dane had a blast as usual.  He competed in several events, and cheered on his classmates when he wasn't particpating.  Jace also had fun running around and getting tons of attention from all the girls in the class.  They all loved him.  It's hard to believe that Dane has done 3 field days now.  Field Day was after 2 important benchmark tests that Dane had studied for so he was feeling burnt out and needing a break.  His teachers told me that he would only be missing lunch, recess and PE so, after field day was over several moms and I checked out our kids for a day of fun. 
Great Day to be Dane! :)

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