Saturday, May 28, 2016

Angry Birds

After Dane's field day was done I checked Dane out of school and went with some mom friends from his school to see the movie Angry Birds.  This was Jace's first movie theater experience and will be his last for quite a while.  I'm still feeling traumatized by the whole ordeal.  The big kids loved the movie, and wasn't phased at all by the loud screaming and tantrums that occurred down the aisle.  Jace was absolutely terrible during the movie.  It was horrible and I have never felt so stressed out in my entire life.  I had to take him out several times and let him walk the halls, and then he would make me feel like he was better and going to cooperate and then the whole ugly ordeal would start over again.  He loves watching shows at home, so I thought with the help of popcorn and snacks he would be ok for most of the movie.  But, he wanted to climb through the openings of the chairs in front of us and when I would stop him he would lose his mind.  So, it was quite the experience.  Sigh.  
But, Dane loved it and was excited to be checked out early and see a movie with a couple friends. 

The week of field day was also teacher appreciation week for the staff at Dane's school.  So, I was pretty busy that week with my hospitality duties getting the teacher luncheons set up and taken down every day.  We ( the school and PTO) provided 2 restaurant lunches, a sandwich bar day, a treats and soda day, and food truck day.  
Dane gave each of his teachers a gift to show our appreciation.  He filled out these cute surveys and we filled up a gift bag with some of their favorites and a gift card to their favorite store.  

Later that evening Kevin and Dane went to a NERF WARS family event at our church.  This is Dane's church bestie Mason.  They always have a blast at the annual nerf wars events.  

Last Friday as a 2nd Grader!!

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