Saturday, May 14, 2016

Messy Game Day

Our church had a fun program for kids on Wednesday nights called R.U.N that Dane was involved in.  Every week there would be two different fun electives that the kids would get to choose from.  Some of the ones Dane chose were dodgeball, remote control airplanes, four square, archery, science, martial arts etc.  They also had cooking classes, cheer and dance and girl options as well.  The main purpose of the R.U.N. program was a fun way to learn memory verses.  The kids would get points based on things they would learn and could earn prizes.  Dane had fun every week, and always looked forward to going.  The last night instead of having electives there was a big messy game competition between the teams.  Parents were instructed to send their kids in clothes that you didn't care got ruined.  The kids had a blast, it was fun way to end the program.  

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