Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wrapping up April

Jace wasn't too fond of the sandbox.  Womp Womp.  Kevin worked so hard on it, and Jace was not a fan of the sand touching his feet.  But, after a little time he warmed up to it as long as he was wearing shoes and the sand didn't get in. 

Mix Matched pjs for the win

Jace and this blanket... obsessed.  When getting him out of his crib the blanket comes with him.  He doesn't carry it all day long, but he definitely doesn't want to go downstairs without it.  He'll wrap himself up in it while watching tv.  He loves this blanket. 

One day after all the rain it warmed up quite a bit, so we went to the splash pad with some friends.  Jace had a blast. 

Dane started back up with golf lessons.  His session was suppose to start a couple weeks earlier, but it kept getting rained out.  Jace kept himself busy by building, playing with golf balls, running all over the course, and doing a word search.  :)

The softball team at Kevin's school were in the playoffs so he took the boys to watch a couple games. He had students ask him to go because they were appreciating teachers at one of the particular games.  Kevin got recognized, got a goody bag and a ball signed by the players and was able to throw out the first pitch.  

He also took them to the powder puff game that the junior and senior girls were competing in.  Jace had a blast running back and forth on the stands.  Kevin said he never stopped, running and laughing and having a great time.  The senior girls were getting beat pretty bad when suddenly the announcer comes over the loud speaker and says "Wittschen's baby has now run for more yards than all of the senior girls".  The stands broke into laughter.  Kevin said it was hilarious, a highlight for the night.  

Kevin finally got his crawfish fix. 

We went to Willies and Jace would not get in the sand box.  He did not want the sand on his feet.  He would stand at the edge and watch the kids play, and bend down and dig right in front of him but would never get in.  

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