Tuesday, June 28, 2016

While Dane was away...

It's been a somewhat quite week here in our house.  Dane has been on a trip in New York with his grandparents for the last 9 days.  Barry and Dane flew out bright and early on the Sunday before last.  They stayed at Barry and Jackie's house for a couple days before taking the RV out for a camping trip in the mountains.  Dane had a great time and made a ton of memories.  We missed him like crazy though while he was gone.  Our house was as quite as it can be with just the little tornado still home.  
Kevin flew to New York this weekend, spent a day with his parents before flying back with Dane late last night.  

Here's a look at what we did to keep busy while Dane was gone.  

A trip to the splash pad.  

When you know it's time for a nap...

Jace had his 2 year well check.  It went just as I expected it to go.  I had to laugh though because Kevin is normally at work when I take him to the doctor, but with him home I totally suckered him into going with me.  I don't think he has ever really believed me with how stressful doctor appointments are with this kid.  He got a full dose!! Although, there was no shots this time so he didn't get the full experience of having to fight the bull while holding him down for shots.  Jace is not a fan of strangers touching and doing things to him.  He flips out.  He's loud and screams like he is being put into a fire.  Stranger Danger!  I don't have his sheet in front of me with his exact stats, I'll have to update that later.  But, surprisingly he is short and skinny according to his percentages.  I've always considered him to be pretty stocky, but he was 19% and 35ish% in height and weight.  I was so shocked! It could be that he eats less than a bird does because he is sooooo picky.  

We made a trip over to Brusters for a sweet treat.  SHHH. Don't tell Dane.  He would be so mad to hear that we had ice cream without him

Bath time is a favorite part of the day.  
 Kevin needed a book for a class at the library, so Jace did some coloring while we waited for Kevin to be done.  

I made a trip to Orange to hang with my mom for a day.  Sadie did not appreciate that I didn't bring his buddy Jace with me.  

We took Jace to the zoo for a couple hours.  We wanted to ride the train since we didn't get to take him for his birthday, but sadly we got there and the train was having mechanical difficulties.  :(  We are having bad luck with our train plans! We had a good time though at the zoo.  Jace loved all the animals.   It was so hot and humid.  Oh my goodness, so hot and humid.  I'm not sure I can make it the entire summer with it being so hot already.  Miserable.  So, we only stayed a couple hours.  

Guess which animal he is mocking

We played outside in the evenings on our new playground.  It's not done, but for the most part the first tower is done.  Kevin has a couple minor things left to do, and then eventually he will start the walkway and other tower.  

I was so ready for Dane to get home.  Monday was a long day of waiting.  Kevin and Dane were flying into Hobby airport which is way across town from us.  I was nervous that I would end up in work traffic on 290 and 45, and did not want to deal with that with Jace being stuck in his car seat.  So, we left pretty early and found a Chick fila near the airport to hang out for a couple hours.  I'm sure the workers thought I was never going to leave.  Jace played, and then we ate diner, he played some more, then I got him a cookie, played some more then I had to purchase more juice, more play and play then it was finally time to head over to pick up my boys! 
I asked Jace where's Dane.  He would put his arms out and start shaking his head no and say No Day?  He missed his brother.  I'm sure he was wondering why he was gone so long.  

We were ready to see Dane!! I did the best I could to get a picture of Jman holding Dane's welcome signs. HAHA!! 

FINALLY!!! I was so happy to see him!!! He nearly tackled me when he saw me.  He was all smiles and so happy to see us, but had tons of things to tell us about his trip! He had such a great time. 

Reunited! Both were so happy to see each other!

Here are some pictures that I got from Jackie and Barry from their trip.  They went to a Fort, did some hiking through caves, swimming etc.  I have fond memories of going to the beach with my grandparents growing up.  We would all cram into their RV and have the best time.  I know Dane will cherish these memories with his grandparents the same way that I did.