Sunday, June 5, 2016

JACE is 2!!!!!


I can't believe that I'm already writing a post that Jace is 2!! It's hard to believe how fast these past 2 years has gone! 

Here are Jace's 2 year old tidbits:

-Words that he is saying
juice, eeese (please), my (mine), door, ball, no, Daaaay (Dane), momma, dad, out, baff (Bath), ereitis (Here it is), choo choo, ooooo (show), hi, bye, moo, ruff, meow, rawr
Still not talking a crazy amount of words, but understands everything that you ask him to do, makes a lot of sounds when trying to speak, and is always the same sound for a word but not clear with most words he is trying to say.  
-Has stopped calling me momma and has begun to say MAAAA instead.  It's hilarious but makes me feel really old at the same time.  MAAAAA! 
-He started throwing epic insane tantrums about a month or two before his birthday.  They are intense and out of control.  They can come from out of nowhere, or by doing little things like giving him the "wrong" sippie cup.  He throws things when he is angry.  Food, sippie cups, trains etc. 
-Favorite toys is his trains, always has 3-5 in his hands at all times.  He is very attached and obsessed with them.
-Enjoys building with his duplo legos, playing with cars, being chased, climbing, running
-LOVES puppies
-He always has fun throwing balls
-Finds being in a stroller, high chair, grocery cart is the worst form of punishment and torture device.  His biggest tantrums come from being put in one of those.  It makes going to places that require these type of torture devices a lot of fun.  ;)
-favorite food by a mile is seasoned ground beef (totally random, but is his all time favorite) He is super picky, most things he won't even try.  He actually likes spicy ground beef or other items that has a kick to it. Other foods that he will eat consistently is different types of cheesy rice and spanish rice, pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, yogurt.  He won't eat any kind of pasta except for the individual cups of mac and cheese, if I serve a pasta dish he will pick out all the pasta and only eat the meat that is in it.   
-Loves playing outside and in Kevin's truck and wagon rides
-favorite tv shows is Word World, Chuggington, Garfield, and Veggie tales
-He is obsessed with doors.  He can now open door knobs which can be a pain, but he will go around making sure every door is closed along with the gate latches being closed
-Loves to bounce in his trampoline, on the bed, in his crib... everywhere  Always climbing and bouncing
-Can be very stubborn and wants to do things himself
-sharing is not his favorite  :(
-loves to give kisses and runs up on his own timing to give big hugs around your legs
-super playful and cuddly when he is happy
-He goes down to sleep pretty easy, requires his favorite blanket and some juice but will go night night without a fight.  He is an early riser, usually is awake for the day by 6:30.  Naps are anywhere from 2-3 hours on good days.  

The picture below was the the night before his birthday.  Last night of being 1!!

We did Jace's birthday party the weekend before with family in Orange.  But, I still wanted to do something fun on his actual birthday to celebrate his big day.  We had plans to go to the zoo and ride the train, but the weather wasn't great so we had to come up with an alternative plan.  We spent the morning at a bouncy inflatable place.  Jace had so much fun bouncing around and running all over the place.  He was worn out!!! We went home and let him take a nap, yes you still get to take a nap even though it's your birthday... much needed!  Then he opened up a couple birthday presents and we went to Double Daves for pizza and then Brusters for a birthday treat.  All in all it was a great day for the little dude.  He had a great party the weekend before, and his actual birthday was a fun day!! Great way to celebrate him turning the big 2!!!! 

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