Friday, June 3, 2016

Last week of 2nd Grade!!

And just like 2nd Grade is officially over.  
The days are so long, but the years go by so fast.  
Just for fun here are some comparison pictures from the first day of 2nd grade and the last.  As you can see Dane grew a lot!! 

Dane's school for some reason or another doesn't do an awards day for Kinder-2nd grade.  I find that odd since 2nd graders are making real numerical grades, but it is what it is.  
Because of that his language arts/social studies teacher decided to do a special ceremony on the second to last day of school and present each student with a personal award.  Weeks ago she had each of the students write a nice phrase about every one of their classmates.  At the ceremony she had a red carpet rolled out in the middle of her class.  She would call out each person's name and then they would take their turn walking the red carpet to the front of the class.  Then she read off all the nice things that their classmates thought about them, and then presented them with their personal award.  What a great way to boost self esteem and confidence.  Mrs Jenkins is one of a kind teacher, always taking the extra effort to make the kids feel loved and important.  Dane was beaming when the nice things were said about him.  He was given the History Buff award, which is right up his alley. He loves history, and would come home everyday telling us what Mrs Jenkins would teach him.  I thought the personal award and the nice words was just the cutest idea.  I loved it.  

Dane had his end of the year party on the morning of the last day of school.  His class got to eat some treats and then play minute to win it games.  After the party the kids were free to leave!! And just like that 2nd Grade was over.  :( Time for summer fun!!

Dane with his Mrs Vance, his homeroom teacher who taught him science and math. 

Dane and Mrs Jenkins.  I'm going to miss her so bad! I begged her to move up to 3rd grade! 

Mrs Vance handed out awards for those who have made honor roll all year long.  I'm so proud of Dane for making all A's this year.  He is reading on a level that the district expects 4th graders to be at at the end of their 4th grade year.  Super proud of him.  He loves school and learning new things! He also had perfect attendance this year.  

Summer Time! let's CELEBRATE!!

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