Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Repeat

This past week was very similar to the last.  I'm sure most of our summer break will end up looking pretty much the same.  Visits to see family, days at the water park, hours at the pool, popsicles and sonic drinks etc.  

Tuesday I took the kids to Orange to see my mom and David.  It was a short relaxed trip, but we always enjoy getting to spend some time with them.  Jace spent the day all up in Sadie's face.  He loved throwing the ball to her and watching her go crazy to run and get it.  He stayed right by her side, and when he wasn't doing that he was sneaking off and getting into my mom's office. Her desk was a mess full of work piles that she was in the process organizing so we had to really watch him to make sure he didn't "re-organize" them.  

Someone got a hold of Granny's sonic drink.  And yes, that's a nice little black eye that he has from an accident involving our coffee table.  Sigh.  

He did spend some time cuddling with Granny while they watched a cartoon.  Jace likes Bella too, but she is always connected at my mom's hip and can't be bothered.  
 Don't you like to have some one right up in your grill when you are eating and drinking?? Poor Sadie. Jace was so intrigued by her every move.  

We had been back on the road for a little while when Dane starts screaming that Jace got out of his car seat.  I was expecting him to crawl out of the seat, so I panicked and pulled over on the nearest exit and stopped at a sketchy deserted gas station.  He was able to get his arms out and was quite proud of himself.  

Kevin got me a gift card for a pedi/mani for my birthday, so I cashed in the second I could! 

Another day at the... yep you guessed it.  The water park.  So much fun!

Little stinker got a hold of my sonic drink.... can't leave it within reach for an instance.  He pounces in a heartbeat. 

Fair trade... popsicle for my drink back

Finding Dory finally came out!!! I've been waiting for forever for it to come out.  I took Dane Friday morning to see it.  Cute movie!

Kevin's dad came into town for a few days so we were able to sneak off and go on a date night Friday night.  We went to the Alley theater and saw a play.  We had a good time, it had been a while to have a kidless evening.  

Saturday morning we went and rode the Hockley train again.  We figured it would be way too hot July- Sept, so did it one last time.  The mosquitos were really bad this time, but the kids enjoyed the ride again.  

Saturday night we took Barry to Willies to get him crawfish for Father's Day.  Jace was all smiles until he wasn't.  Tantrum Central.  Sigh.  
But, Barry and Kevin were on cloud 9 in mountains of crawfish.  

Jace wanted to play with one.  Maybe he will be a crawfish eater like his daddy, unlike his brother.  

He snacked on his toes instead on the way home. 

This morning Barry and Dane headed off to the airport.  Dane is going to New York to his grandparents house for a week of fun that will include a RV camping trip through the mountains.  I'm going to miss Dane, but I know that he is going to have a great time and make lots of memories! 

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