Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer time is here

We are in Summer mode here at the Wittschen House!! 
No schedules and no places we have to be.  Can I get an AMEN? 

It's already brutally hot and humid and it's only the beginning of June, so it is going to be a hot summer!! WHEW! But, we are excited for some summer fun.

Here's a look at what the first week of summer looked like...

We got out super early on the last day of school and jump started summer by getting together with my friends Leslie and Romi for a swim get together.  We ordered pizzas and let the kids burn some energy in the pool.  Us girls are all moms of boys.  We had a fun day, although I was on high alert with Jace at the pool.  I can't wait to get him in swim lessons to ease my stress a tad. Luckily, he was a bit timid of the water so stayed on the shallow landing for the most part.  
Top picture is William and Jace who are a month apart.  My friend Romi also has a 2 year old, but he was still in his mother's day out program so didn't get to come.  The bottom picture is Bennet, Dane, Jack, And Brayden.  We lined them up in order of their grades.  Next year they will be 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st graders.  

Katy opened up a new water park which is exciting to have one so close to us. I bought season passes back in January when they were on sale for super cheap.  I knew that if we had passes we would go  several times this summer and get our money's worth.  So, Dane and I made our first visit the Friday after school ended.  We were only there an hour when a big storm rolled in.  We had to take cover and wait it out for over an hour.  Dane was disappointed that we had only rode one slide and gotten to do the lazy river.  But, he knew that we would be back very soon.  

The first Saturday of summer we celebrated Jace's birthday at an inflatable place.  Posted more about that in the post below. 

Then it was Promotion Sunday at church, and Jace got moved up to the 2 year old class.  Jace and his friend Madden (next to him) are the youngest in their class.  They were both right on the cutoff to get moved.  Most of his class has been 2 since January.  This class has Mrs Jaque and she is great with this age.  She sings songs and is very structured and has a routine for every Sunday.  I'm looking forward to Jace learning the ropes.  How cute is he with his church friends?!?!

Game nights have already started.  Lots of monopoly empire, clue, and uno has been happening. 

And evening bike rides.  Jace hasn't figured out the pedals yet, but loves being pushed.  

Monday we went to the splashpad with friends and burned out a lot of crazy energy. 

 Dane and his friend Sara

 There is a dog park next door to the splash pad, and I had a hard time getting Jace away from the fence.  He would run up to it and say hiiiiiiiiiiiii dawg!!!

Summer means popscicles

Tuesday all 4 of us ventured out to the water park.  We were only able to stay a couple hours since Jman was with us, but everyone had a great time.  There is a great kiddie area that Kevin and I took turns staying in while the other would go ride a slide with Dane.

Kevin is busy building a play house in our back yard.  He is working hard when Jace is napping or in the evenings.  Kevin plans on having two towers connected by a walkway.  He is doing a great job with it.  This is how far it has come so far.  He is almost done with the first tower, just needs a roof I believe.  He is building this all himself with no help of plans or anything.  He drew out his own plans and figured out all the measurements etc.  I'm pretty impressed and can't wait till it's all done.   

Dane and I hit up the neighborhood pool on Wednesday while Jace was taking a nap and Kevin was outside working on the plaything.  

Thursday we went back to the water park for another day of fun! We ended up randomly running into my friend Romi while there, so we hung out for a while and let the boys have some fun together.  

I had to make a funny after taking this picture of Jace.   Sweet and Sassy.  Like a sour patch kid.  Have you seen those commercials??  So funny and describes Jace to a tee.

On my birthday Friday we started off the day with me dropping off Kevin and the boys at Barnes and Nobles to look around while I ran to Old Navy to do do some quick shopping.  Then we went to Gringos for lunch! 

This picture is blurry, but so is my life.  HA! Jace is always in motion.

Later that afternoon on my birthday my girl Christy picked me up and then we headed to Waco for the weekend.  We met our other girls Dallas and Tabitha and had the best time.  We started off the weekend with some mexican food that evening.  Then spent all day Saturday shopping, eating, drinking, more shopping etc.  It was a great weekend, I needed the girl time!! 

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