Sunday, July 10, 2016


If you know the tv show that the title came from you get bonus points.  

We had some places all in Houston on our "summer bucket list" that we had been wanting to check off, so we thought it would be fun to try and make a whole day of it.  We started calling it Dane and Jace's  Day of fun to be silly.  Kevin loves to quote tv shows, and Friends is one of the many shows that he literally knows every episode by heart.  

So, we had all these plans and big expectations, but we all know how that goes sometimes.  It was a day of our emotions being on a roller coaster.  Up and Down! HA! Our day didn't go as planned, not even close but all in all it was fine and the kids had fun.  

We left that morning excited and in good moods.  We had pep talks in the car that it was going to be nothing short of a fun day with no attitudes or any complaining.  But, that all came to a screeching halt when we suddenly were in a traffic jam like a parking lot on HWY 290.  Ugh.  That HWY can really suck the life out of you.  So, we creeped along going maybe 1mph for over an hour.  The car wasn't moving so Jace wasn't happy in his seat and Dane started making comments that this was suppose to be a fun day and of course Kevin and I were annoyed.  Not a good start, but we finally made it to the Houston zoo.  

First up was the train.  Train ride was a hit! It's a good 20 minute ride around Herman Park, there was a nice breeze and we enjoyed it.  Then we went inside the zoo to see the dinosaur exhibit.  I know that it's always hot and humid, but for some reason it seemed to feel 10 times worse inside the zoo.  Oh man, we were so gross.  But anyway, back to the zoo.  So, here's the thing Kevin and I were both disappointed with the dinosaur exhibit.  Maybe our expectations were too high, but I just thought it was lame.  We have season passes to the zoo so our admission to get in was free, but we had to pay for the dinosaur exhibit.  If I had to pay for both then I think we would have been pretty upset that it wasn't worth the extra money.  Dane and Jace both enjoyed it don't get me wrong.  Dane loved reading the signs that told about each dinosaur.  But, it was super small, there was maybe 10 dinosaurs in there and that's being generous. The whole exhibit took maybe 10 minutes to get through it.  We did spend about 30 minutes inside looking at the dinosaurs over and over.  I was expecting the dinosaurs to move more than they did.  So anyway it was a bit of a let down for me.  But the day wasn't about me, and Dane and Jace liked it so I guess that is all that matters.  

Kevin has been craving Barnaby's Cafe all summer.  It's a great little place that we used to go to quite often when we lived in Houston, but haven't been in years.  So, he was really looking forward to their egg salad sandwich.  He had been talking about it for a couple days leading up to it.  So, you can see where this is going.  Well, we got there and it was packed.  We drove circles around the neighborhood  for thirty minutes looking for a parking spot.  By this time everyone is starving.  We circled that place over and over and over and over and all through the streets around it.  So, we had to come up with a plan B.  Kevin was so disappointed.  

So, we ended up just going to California's Pizza.  The pizza was great, but when you are craving something else it doesn't hit the spot.  

Then on the agenda was the Fine Arts Museum.  There is a really cool exhibit that we were wanting to check out called Kusama.  I had seen lots of pictures online, and it looked so neat.  We made our way to the museum district, found parking, loaded up the stroller, walked the block to get inside etc only to find out that the exhibit only lets in so many people per day and it was sold out!! UGH!!!! Seriously, nothing could go right.  At this point Kevin and I just cracked up when the lady told us it was sold out. We both couldn't stop laughing, we felt like we were on candid camera.  
We had plans to see this exhibit and then stop by the chocolate bar to get a sweet treat before heading back to Cypress.  But, since the museum didn't work out we decided to just head back and skip the Chocolate Bar so we didn't end up in work traffic on 290.  So, we went and got snow cones at a stand near us instead.  

Not the day we wanted it to be, but that's life sometimes!! 

 This one sprayed water.  Jace was shocked!! 

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