Sunday, July 24, 2016

Loads of Summer Fun

Dane mentioned to me the other day "It sure does seem like I'm getting to have way more fun than you and Dad this summer".  :)
I feel like that quote pretty much sums it up right there. 

 Dane has gotten to have tons of fun this summer.  The last couple weeks his social calendar has been super packed!  But, that's what summer is all about.  A time to relax from all the strict schedules and enjoy fun in the sun.  
He had vacation bible school at our church the 11th-14th.  Then as soon as VBS was over that Thursday we headed off to Columbus to meet my aunt and uncle's church group at Discovery Camp where he stayed from the 14th-17th.  He returned home, and the next day, the 18th, he got to attend Impact Camp at COF for that whole week.  Sprinkle in golf with his dad, lots of swimming, a couple water park visits, time with friends and a double feature at the movie made for a fun packed couple of weeks.  

So, here is a dump of pictures from the last couple weeks.  Picture Overload! 

Fun at the driving range

Kevin took Dane to the water park, and it was free snow cone day! Score!

Dane and I went to the movies to watch Secret Life of Pets, and while there decided to do a double feature, something we have never done before.  We then bought tickets for the BFG movie!  The movie theater by our house was sold out for the pet movie, so we found ourselves across town at a different theater, which ended up being way more fun because it had recliners as seats! Dane was super pumped! Fun Day!

So many pool days!! The boys were twinning with their swim suits, unplanned!

Just some cuteness

These pictures are out of order.  We took the boys to get hair cuts, and it was just as horrible as I expected it to be.  Ugh.  I'm not sure how to get Jace out of this phase.  He is terrible getting hair cuts, dr visits etc.  He does not want strangers doing anything to him except talking to him.  It's awful and heartbreaking to have to hold him down with him screaming and fighting.  

VBS was a great week.  Dane had a great time as usual.  I worked in the childcare room, and was pretty exhausted at the end of it!! 

 Dane with his friends Mason and Lauren.  They have been friends since they were in the nursery at church.  

As soon as VBS was over we headed to Columbus.  This was Dane's first overnight camp to attend.  He LOVED it!!! He had a blast, it was such a great experience for him.  

 My Uncle Dan is the children's pastor for his church, so he was there with the group and sent me a few pictures.  

While Dane was away at camp we made a Bruester's ice cream visit.  
 What A MESS!!

Jace keeping busy at the Breakfast house by organizing creamers.  

This is what happens when you don't take a nap.  I found him like this around 6:00.  No sir!! Too late for a nap!!

Always in motion!!

Dane got home from camp on Sunday, and that afternoon we met his good friend Liam at the pool.  We have been trying all summer to get these two together, but they have been on different schedules with their activities.  

Then it was Impact Camp.  Last year Dane chose martial arts for his elective, this year he picked mad science.  Another successful camp experience.  This camp was in the evenings from 6-9 all week.  

His friend Aiden was in his camp group which was a bonus. 

Another day at the pool, this time with his friend Chris.  They had run into each other while out and about one day, so Chris's mom and I set up a day to meet up at the pool so they could hang out.  

Jace with his squishy nose face

This picture cracked me up.  Doesn't he look so uncomfortable??? So stiff!! But, he laid like this for a good long time watching tv.  He has to wear these type of pjs a lot during the day because he refuses to keep his diaper on.  He strips down in a matter of seconds.  Sigh.  

Dane and his other friend Chris who lives around the corner from us.  They play together as much as they can at both of our houses.  If Chris isn't knocking on our door, then Dane is asking to go to his house. 

Dane was too enthralled with his electronic device to notice that Jace had a lego car.  Jace loves to roll cars on Dane's head.  HA! It's so funny, but Dane never seems to mind.  

This was my view when driving to go pick up Dane one night from Impact Camp.  So pretty!

Another evening at Impact Camp.  The last night was family night, we were able to come watch the last hour some of their activities that they participated in during the week.  Then at the end there was a big party for the kids with bounce houses and free concession type foods!

We all 4 went to the water park for a few hours, and had a blast.  Jace loved it this time.  He has gotten more comfortable with water in his face and being in water in his puddle jumper. He loved the baby slides and floating in the lazy river.  

We start chores super early in this house.  Here Jace is earning his keep.  ;)

He's got his blanket, his puppy and "his" sock.  What more could he need.  

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robin said...

Love these pics!!! Jace looks like you Jayne, especially when you were little!