Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Loves

Tuesday we spent some time at the pool.  This was Jace's first trip this summer, we have been a bit hesitant to bring him since he is so so busy and the pool is very big.  But, since we were both able to go I felt better about bringing him.  He actually let us put on his puddle jumper, although the times we tried at home he totally freaked out.  Jace was a bit timid in the beginning.  He would only stand on the first step and put his hands in the water.  Then after a little while he finally sat on the step, and then eventually worked himself into the baby section.  He is way more timid of the water than Dane ever was, which can be good and bad.  Good because he wasn't trying to jump in like I had feared he may try and do.  He only wanted to be in the baby section where he could touch, if we brought him to the main part of the pool he wasn't as comfortable.  Hopefully, the more he is in the water the more comfortable he will get.  

Having a little snack during the safety breaks.

He had a blast in the baby section when he finally warmed up to it.  

After a while once it was past nap time Jace started getting a bit cranky.  However, Dane wasn't ready to go home because he was swimming with friends.  We still had the wagon in the back of my car from our zoo trip so I decided I would walk Jace home so Kevin and Dane could stay longer.  We aren't that far from the pool, but it was a good little walk in the middle of the day which meant it was blistering hot.  Jace was super fussy and I felt like I would never get to our house.  WHEW! Wasn't my best idea.  

Tuesday evening we checked out a pizza restaurant near us that we had never tried.  Jace thought he was big stuff drinking out of a kid's cup with a straw instead of his sippie cup.  And that kept him entertained the entire time we were there!! Score! Pizza place was just ok for us, my expectations were too high I'm afraid.  

Wednesday Dane and I went back to the pool while Jace napped and Kevin did some work.  Dane and 3 other boys from his school all swam and played super hard.  They threw a topedo in the water about 35,825 times and they would all jump and race to get to it first.  I was worn out just watching them.  It was a good way to get out a ton of energy.  Dane was so tired when we finally left and went home! 

Thursday we went to Houston Oaks Golf Resort to play the family 9.  Well, Kevin and Dane played and Jace and I took a separate cart and rode around, watched a little, waved to all the golfers, and drove  to the previous holes to retrieve golf clubs that were left by Dane.  We would get to the next hole and then Dane would realize that he forgot a club at the previous hole.  He did it about 6 times.  Kid you not.  sigh.  
Jace had a blast riding in the golf cart, as long as I kept it moving.  If we would stop for too long he would want to get out and go stand as close to Kevin or Dane as possible, in the danger zone.  HA! 
  Since Dane is a member of the First Tee program where he has his golf lessons he is able to use the family 9 course for free, and then family gets to play with him and rent the carts for almost nothing.  It's a great course for him.  

Thursday evening we took another trip to the pool.  Same thing, just another summer day!

He is always into something.  Here he had gotten into the media cabinet that holds all of the video games.  He got ahold of Dane's lego dimension game pieces.  No, I'm not sure what exactly they are or what they do, but I know that Dane would be so mad to see this.  So, I did what any normal parent would do and I quickly threw all the pieces in the cabinet and got Jace out of there before getting caught.  HAHA

Another day at the water park.  I had randomly run into my friend Romi the last week we had gone which was crazy, so when we were on the way I texted her to see if by chance they would be there again since she lives right around the corner from it.  Sure enough she said she was debating, so I told her to come on!  Dane was happy to have a buddy to hang with.  It was super hot on Friday, so we treated them to an icee when we were needing a break from the sun.  

A sweet moment caught.  Jace had gone M.I.A and then I found him in Dane's bed "reading" a book like Dane was doing.  Super cute.  

We had diner at Lupe's Saturday and Jace had the best time on the little "rollercoaster".  He would push that thing up over and over, climb into the seat and then want Dane to give him a push.  Lots of giggling and squealing!!

He played so hard.  My little fair skinned babies don't even have to be in the sun to turn red as a tomato.  Jace was in the shade but was playing so hard that he was so hot! They get it from their momma.  I get beat red when hot.  Ugh. 

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robin said...

So cute they are!!! Dane is growing up so fast and so is Jace as far as that goes. Plus Jace is looking so much like you Jayne! Enjoy these posts!