Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Misc Cuteness

It looks like we have another lego lover in the family.  Jace is obsessed.  If Dane's door to his bedroom is left open on accident, you can bet that Jace will realize it and sneak in there and play with his legos.  I was having a hard time keeping him out of his room, and Dane was getting annoyed that he was tearing apart things he had built.  So, one day I decided to put a few handfuls of legos in a bucket and put them in Jace's room hoping to solve the problem. Dane has thousands of legos, so I knew he wouldn't miss the small amount I gave Jace.  It did help a litle.  He would sit in his little chair for a good long time playing with them.  But, the thrill of being in Dane's room made the lego playing even better.  So, I still catch him in there quite often.  :)

Dane was never into stuffed animals or blankets or any kind of lovies.  He had no attachment to things like that.  Jace is a total cuddle bug. He LOVES LOVES his blue blanket and his puppy dogs and anything soft and cuddly.  His crib is always filled with tons of animals, blankets, socks etc because he wants them in there to sleep.  

 Luckily he is cool with leaving these things at home when we leave the house, because I would not want to have to keep up with blankets and such while out and about.  

I noticed out of the blue that Jace had an eye shift in his right eye, it was very subtle but I could see it right away that something wasn't right. Being in the cancer world for so many years my first thought was a tumor, because one of the most common symptoms in children's brain tumors is a shift in their eyes. I hate that my brain takes me there first, but sadly it does. After a trip to the pedi dr, which she was able to tell me that it was a muscular issue we got referred to a pediatric opthamologist.   It was a fiasco getting an appointment with the center I was refereed too.  We were on a long waiting list for canceled time slots, and our appointment was scheduled for many weeks out. I ended up getting an appointment at a Sugarland Office for much sooner.  

Sugarland is a bit of a drive for us, but I didn't want to wait to get him in to see an eye doctor.  So, I did what I always do and plan extra time to get to my destination.  I'm known for being early.  His appointment was early in the morning so I was worried about traffic.  Well, of course as usual I got to the office super early.  I had lots of time to spare. I got Jace out of his seat and we hung out in the car for a while.  This is where the story gets good.  Once it's time to go in we walk into the office and I'm immediately confused.  The waiting room was filled with geriatric people. I knew that I had doubled checked that he was scheduled for a pediatric doctor.  Before I could say anything the receptionist told me she thinks we are in the wrong office.  You think?? Ha  She let me know that their was a new building just for pediatric patients, and that it's more than likely not on google maps yet.  So, I had a moment of pure panic.  She begins to tell me directions, and listing off these roads to take.  Directions aren't my thing.  Being early is.  So, now here we are running to the car and frazzled trying to find this building, all while panicking that we are going to be late.  Sigh.  As if I wasn't stressed enough. 
We made it to the new building, and ended up having to wait a bit because the doctor was running behind.  Figures.  The appointment was awful.  Jace had to have his eyes dilated and it took 3 of us to hold him down.  It was horrible, he was so sad and scared.  We made it through the visit, and then the doctor came out with tons of overwhelming information about what all we were going to have to do.  She walked away and the receptionist started talking to me about scheduling the next visit, and how much money we owed and etc etc and the tears started to flow.  It was awful and embarrassing and the most awkward thing I've ever caused.  Right there in the waiting room that was filled with parents I ended up having an awful ugly cry.  She was so kind and comforting, but I just wanted out of there as fast as I could.  So, that's my keeping it real moment.  Whew! 
We had to get Jace fitted for glasses and that was awful as well.  He is such a sensitive little thing and gets his feelings hurt if people are messing with him. We had to wait a little bit before the glasses came in and the fun started with that.  

Dane wasting time before catching the bus. 

More random cuteness

We were giving this small dot at Jace's meet the teacher and was told to fill it up with pictures of things about him.  The dot was pretty pretty small, so I didn't get to put all the pictures I wanted on it, but I figured the grandpas wouldn't mind.  :)

Park days

I met a friend one day at a new little gym called Rock the Spectrum.  Jace had the best time!

and of course he played with the train table that we actually own!! 

Sweet pea was playing with all the cars on the table when another little boy came over and grabbed a car.  Jace did this and kept saying mine quietly.  Sweet thing.  Mothers Day out is going to teach him to share.  But, how cute is he with his arms crossed and his sad face.  

Doing a little reading

Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day of 3rd Grade!!

Hard to believe that we have a 3rd grader.  Feels like not long ago we were getting ready for kindergarten.  

Dane was ready for the school to start, sad to see summer go but he loves school and was ready! He had a great first day.  He was thrilled that in 3rd grade there is no community supplies.  Every student gets their own supplies, except for tissues and hand sanitizer.  And he was so excited that his teacher told his class that in 3rd grade you are more responsible so you are able to keep pens and highlighters in your backpack.  HAHA It's the small things folks.  

I normally bake a special treat or something like that, but I forgot so ran by the store before he got home and bought ice cream sandwiches that I normally wouldn't buy.  He was beyond excited for them.  He doesn't need much to be happy! Good bribing tool though to get all the details of the day out of him.  

3rd Grade rocks!

Meet the Teachers

I have to admit I was a bit nervous and anxious waiting on Dane's 3rd grade teacher assignment.  Dane had 2 teachers and they were polar opposite of each other in 2nd Grade.  One was AMAZING, don't think anyone could ever come close to competing with how awesome of a teacher she was.  And, then on the flip side Dane had a really rough teacher to go along with it.  Made for a long year. That's all I can really say about that.  I'll never forget getting the teacher assignment last year and hearing from so many moms who had kids who went before us "I'm sorry, or good luck or it's going to be a long year for you".  Our awesome teacher kept us a float, helped keep us out of the mental house and was Dane's biggest cheerleader etc.  
So, when I got the letter this year I think I squealed out loud like it was Christmas morning.  Both teachers had good reputations around the school of being wonderful teachers.  Which is all I needed to hear.  And, Dane had friends in his class which was a bonus.  
It's going to be a great year in 3rd grade!

 Dane and his good friend Andrew.  They were so excited to be in the same class again.  They were together in 1st grade, and have stayed super tight buddies.  They play at recess everyday together in 2nd.   And I love Andrew's mom, so I was happy too!! We let Mrs Getschmann know though that you might want to put these two sillies at different tables.  
 Mrs Getschmann
 Beyond thrilled that Dane and Sara are in the same class again.  We were totally surprised since they were together last year! 

Mrs Bryant, Dane's switch teacher.  


A few days after Dane's meet the teacher it was Jace's turn. He is going to be attending a mother's day out program 2 days a week at a nearby church.  He looked so big walking in.  I didn't get any pictures of him with his two sweet teachers, he was so busy playing with all the toys that they had out.  But, it went well, and I knew afterwards that he is going to really enjoy going.